3 Fresh Content Ideas You Can Start On ASAP

There are millions of pieces of content published live on blogs every single day. Fresh, appealing content is hard to come by, and harder to create. But, it’s critical if you want any chance at standing out against major competitors with higher domain authority. Here are three fresh content ideas you can start on ASAP to gain traction.


1. Create Unique Case Studies

Standard content marketing posts are overdone. How often have you seen content centered around SEO tips or the best WordPress plugins? Probably too often. This type of content is very common and mostly targets head keywords that are already dominated by big players.

These larger sites have much more brand authority, making it easier for them to rank and much more likely for them to drive the click. So, how do you combat that to drive organic traffic and more links? Create unique case studies that people can reference. Ones that get you traction. For instance, this case study from Codeless on the best content services:

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This unique case study focuses on different content businesses, comparing the quality you can expect to get from each. It’s something that had not been done before, garnering its attention and mentions from significant publications.

Another great example outside of direct marketing spaces is Adventure For Less, who created a case study on travel hacks to save money on vacations, showing exactly how they did it and saved thousands:

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Fresh content like this is what stands out in search engine results. It’s this type of content that can help you build links. Focus your efforts on more engaging, impactful studies like this and your traffic will thank you.

2. Start And Market Your Podcast

Podcasting isn’t just a hobby anymore. Podcasts are more than just a fun thing to do on the side. Now, they are a full-blown content marketing goldmine that you can tap into. Millions of people are listening to them on a daily basis, making them a great way to generate brand awareness for your company.

Starting a podcast doesn’t require much in terms of equipment. If you have a microphone and a computer, you can podcast! When it comes to a topic, pick one that revolves around the products or services you sell and offer.

For example, if your business is about travel, don’t create a podcast about sports. Instead, create a podcast about how you can travel cheaper or specific gear reviews. Once you have your basic podcast idea, it’s time to develop and market it.

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Podcast marketing isn’t easy, but experts have provided countless tips on how to grow a podcast and generate organic traffic from it. Put these to use to get your podcast off the ground.

3. Create Personalized Landing Pages

Content marketing and building an audience goes way beyond just blog posts or podcasting. It can range from emails to direct mail and even custom landing pages. For instance, take this landing page for plumber software by Housecall Pro:

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It’s entirely dedicated to a target market of plumbers running their own business. But they don’t stop there. They also create landing pages for different target markets, too:

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So, instead of ranking for “service business software” as a keyword, they can rank for dozens and dozens of keywords for each segment in particular. And since the content is tailored towards each with custom copy, the message match is there, producing higher conversions.

If you want better rankings and more conversions, you have to be specific in what your content targets. From images to copywriting and everything in between. Spice up your content by creating posts or landing pages that focus on specific markets, rather than your entire audience as a whole.

Wrap Up

Keeping content fresh and exciting can be difficult. Targeting keywords and creating content for searcher intent is key, but it isn’t always the best way to stand out. Follow these three fresh content ideas that you can start implementing and promoting ASAP. What are some fresh content ideas that you have used to boost organic traffic?

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