6 Things To Consider When Choosing A Domain Name

In the online world, a good domain name is denoted just like real estate property. If you own a popular domain, that means you own high value property. However, choosing a domain name can be hard because internet bugs have already purchased high value domains, and they continuously stay in the search of such domain names.

It’s a fact that choosing a domain name that is effective is the first step to online success for your website or blog. A high value domain name is the first milestone on your path in the Internet world. If you are in the search of a good domain name, there are certain things you should consider before choosing a particular domain name.

I am going to mention six conventional domain name purchasing strategies so you can refine your list and finally opt for a good domain name. These are all things to consider when choosing a domain name. Ask yourself, what are the first 5 domain names you can think of right now, and you will start to understand the essence of choosing a domain name that works.

6 Things To Consider When Choosing A Domain Name

  • Easy to Remember – Obviously, if the domain name is easy to remember then it’s good. If someone visits your site and later on would like to visit it again, he or she should be able to type the domain name exactly as it is with ease. This will also increase the number of returning visitors, and you’ll get the benefit of word-of-mouth publicity as well. Take Yahoo.com for example – no matter how old a good domain name is, it stays in your mind for a long time.
  • Easy to Spell – Yeah! Tough spellings aren’t on the top list of domain hunters. Why? Because returning visitors may remember the domain name but type it incorrectly. Therefore, you should go with the domain names which have easy spellings. For example – Answers.com – almost everyone knows how to spell that word.
  • Keep it Short – The ideal letter length is between 10-20, and the ideal word length is 1-3. However, now one word domain names are very hard to get, but you can opt out for 2 or max 3 word domain names. And yes, if you choose a phrase, it should make sense. If you can find a domain name with just 5-6 letters then it’s quite good. For example, “askpro” is a good choice.
  • Best TLD – If you aren’t a nonprofit organization, an educational institute or a localized business, .com is the best choice. However, you can opt out for .net as well in case of unavailability. For localized businesses, local extensions like .co.uk, .us, etc. are superior choices. If possible, you want to try to get a .com website (unless you fall into the categories listed above). If you have some other extension, your visitors may divert to some other site.
  • Relevancy or Brand – If you are going to establish a brand online, relevancy may be ignored with the domain name – but in that case, the domain name should be appealing and unique. However, for websites that are set up for the purpose of earning money, relevancy is more than necessary. They say it should have the keyword in it for the sake of relevancy.
  • Avoid ‘-‘ and digits – When choosing a domain name, remember that it should consist of only letters. People generally don’t remember hyphens or digits when it comes to names, and because of that, your visitors may wander around other websites (the ones without hyphens or numbers in the domain names).

You don’t have to put your head down just because your domain name doesn’t take into account any of the factors I’ve mentioned here. You can still make it work well with proper SEO, attractive design and well served content. I wish you good luck in your Internet ventures, and with choosing a domain name that works!


Image Credit: [anna-om-line.com]