3 Perfect Gift Ideas For Your Cyclist Friends

Cycling fanatics tend to love their bikes and cruising in town more than anything, and that’s what makes it quite challenging to pick a gift for them. Yet, that doesn’t mean you have to buy them something overly expensive.

Of course, there are many bike accessories that can be super helpful to them, but you can still choose to cover their cycling experience in other aspects. Pair that with a cute gift card, and you’ll be set. If you’re wondering what you could buy your cyclist friends, here are four gifts every town cruiser would appreciate.

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Portable Speakers

The Bluetooth speaker technology has changed many a cyclist’s lives. Being able to listen to music anywhere you go wirelessly is a fantastic bliss. And with the wide variety to choose from, the best portable speakers for your friend’s needs are easy to find. Some brands are made of water and dust-proof, durable materials, which also makes them more convenient.

While the gift choice might seem simplistic to you, people who love listening to music while playing sports, hiking, or simply relaxing on the beach will appreciate it. Any cyclist would appreciate a gift like that, mainly because many of them avoid using headphones, which can be dangerous to use while cycling or driving.

Portable speakers will boost their cycling experience while keeping them aware of their surrounding environment. Most importantly, do not forget to buy the speaker’s bike mount holder for the brand you choose, so your friends are able to attach it to their bike and enjoy their music immediately.

Solar Power Bank

Cyclists tend to keep their phones handy on the go, not to check their Facebook or to take a selfie, but for emergencies, if things go wrong, and to be able to navigate their route via GPS. Either way, they will undoubtedly need a power bank at some point if they typically go on long rides and road trips.

And you wouldn’t just be buying them any power bank. A solar power bank will charge their devices during their long trips in the bright sunlight, and depending on the model you choose, it can charge devices up to three full charges. Such handy gear takes their cycling experience to a whole new level.

Bike Storage Rack

A bike storage rack comes in handy, especially if your friends live in an apartment in the city, and the good news is, a cyclist can never have enough of them. Even if you saw one at their home, do not hesitate to buy another one. Because depending on their cycling strategies, they will most probably end up having more than one bicycle, and they could always use an extra set of wall racks.

Make sure you ask them what kind of bike they own, so you can consult the salesperson about which rack works for the brand they own. It’s also a better choice if you match colors for an overall aesthetically pleasing look.

Wall-mount bike storage rack designs evolve every now and then. You can find various brands, shapes, and colors in stores. To make a better impression, try picking the latest wall mount rack design in the market.

Bonus – Bike Computer

If your friends ride their bikes for fitness, then consider buying them a bike computer because it is the best way to track their progress on their trip. Although it might be the most expensive gift on the list, just about any cyclist will appreciate it. A good bike computer will have a high-resolution touch screen display. High-end devices will have an extra heat-sensitive screen, which can be used even when the user is wearing gloves.

These devices can monitor cycling conditions and performance while connecting the cyclist with other riders so they can have the option to cycle in groups.  Users can also track their position on the maps, know how far they’re away from their goal, and can connect their devices to rearview radars and smart headlights.

The battery life can stay up to 15 hours, and battery save mode can extend battery life an extra 50% while still tracking their ride seamlessly. Whether you’re set to buy your friends a Christmas gift or their birthdays are coming up, those four gifts will pretty much impress anyone who owns a bike.

Additionally, most of the gifts can be used in one’s daily life as well, apart from cycling, making them the perfect multi-purpose presents that your friends can incorporate into their daily routine however they please. Never again will you be plagued with a lack of ideas!

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