3 Principles For Hiring A Professional Virtual Assistant

A professional call answering service in your company is as important as your company’s brand. If not more so. Whoever you hire to answer the phone directly converses with clients and customers. They are an honest representation of your business, and they help callers decide whether or not they will continue doing business with you. Therefore, a competent answering service, a virtual assistant, is undeniably valuable for preventing your business from failing in the future.

This, more often than not, is the reason why hiring a professional virtual receptionist is worth your investment. Customer experience is extremely vital in keeping customers returning to you for their business. With your permission, I’d like to share with you several principles for hiring a virtual assistant that will delight and comfort clients (and any issues they may have).

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Hire Your Own Language

When you hear “virtual assistant”, what image springs to mind? In the past, virtual assistants (VAs) made me think of workers in foreign counties who barely spoke English. (Does that ring a bell?) Obviously, companies who outsource their call centers to the Philippines (or other foreign areas) save money.

You’ve undoubtedly had your own experiences with a company representative you can’t understand. More often than not, I’m willing to bet that you asked to speak to another representative. This shows an important point: although the company saves money by hiring foreign call center workers, they’re losing the trust of their English-speaking customers!

Don’t make the same mistakes of those companies: hire a virtual assistant from the country you live in. Remember: VAs are the face of your company. Make your impression count.

2. Delegation

Nobody in the world can deny that answering services and call centers take the load off your busy day. This is important especially for answering services for small businesses. Tragically, small business owners are answering the phones and answering emails themselves.

As a business owner, your sole purpose within your company is to bring in profits. Anything that is not related towards producing products or providing services is not your duty. Let’s say that, on a given day, you take in five customer complaints. Let’s further suggest that dealing with each client and customer takes more than 10 minutes. That’s over an hour time spent solving clientele issues; the time you could have used improving your services. You could have used that time to refresh yourself on marketing wisely via social media.

3. Making A Positive Difference

We’ve all made personal calls and business calls. In either case, have you ever spoken to someone who was obviously tired? Did they make you feel like you were intruding on their time? Did their unenthusiastic attitude make you feel like talking to them?

Workers who don’t smile or are unhappy with their job have no place talking to your clients. Your paying customers deserve to talk to someone who genuinely wants to help them. That’s why hiring a VA who is naturally bubbly, enthusiastic and makes you smile… shows the sign that they’ll make your paying clients smile, as well.

Virtual Assistant – Conclusion

As people, we enjoy the company of people who make us happy. Nobody can argue with that. We want to be around people who are proud and ever willing to help us with our problems. That’s why it’s important to hire a VA with the qualities we’ve just talked about. Doing so may cost you more, but the payoff—a positive customer experience—is worth it.

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