Brand Loyalty Refined Through Humorous SEO [Flow Chart]

As a brand, you always have to make sure you cater to your customers and clients. If you make them happy, you will make the brand happy. Some companies have entirely forgotten about the customer in their equation for success. They boost on like they are the only company in the world that does what they do, and they think it will always be that way. It’s a mindset that will most certainly bring any brand to its knees, if you know what I mean. Branding isn’t an easy thing to do in today’s complex communication landscape. You have to be everywhere at once, and make sure you are available to answer questions pretty much 24/7. How can you increase brand loyalty while keeping your current customers and clients happy all at the same time?

That is a question a lot of brands are asking themselves. With social media being so popular, it should be crystal clear what needs to be done. If you are not on a social network and making yourself available to your customers, you are clearly doing something wrong. It all happens on social media networks these days. Some companies have even taken down their call support services and now just sport 24/7 support through social media networks such as Twitter instead.

Brand loyalty isn’t about how cool your products are, or how well you promote them. It’s all about how you and your clients and customers are communicating with each other. The better you can facilitate this, the better brand loyalty you will see. Customer and clients love a good relationship with their favorite brand and product. If you can keep that up, you will see that your customers will go from being one-time only customers to being returning customers who love what you have to offer.

It’s funny to me that brands sometimes don’t understand this and do something to improve it. It can really be explained in a simple way with this hilarious infographic called Build Brand Loyalty With SEO. It’s a flow chart brought to our attention by Evolve Digital Labs. If you have a creeping suspicion that you are doing something wrong, and if you feel your brand loyalty is on its way down the drain, this might help you reestablish that brand loyalty to what it really should be.

Once you start communicating with you clients and customers, you will notice that your brand loyalty will increase significantly. The SEO aspect of it all comes down to the things you do to educate your customers. Publish tutorials and helpful articles and posts that your customers will have a use for. That way, they will know you spend time making sure they always know how to fix, tune, operate or understand what your product or service is all about. Not only is it great for brand loyalty, but it also increases your SEO quite significantly. So, have a look at this flow chart and start making changes. A company’s brand loyalty isn’t free, it’s earned.

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