3 Ways Influencers Can Reward Their Fans

Most fans and followers have a parasocial relationship with content creators and influencers – they relate to them and really appreciate it when the content creator pays attention to them. If you keep engaging with your fanbase, they will engage with your content more and share it more, and this will help you grow your base and become more influential. This article will show you a few strategies you can effectively use to keep engaging with your followers.

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Make Sure You Set Aside Some Time Every Day

You should regularly interact with your followers, be it replying to their comments, chatting with them online, or retweeting stuff they say about you. It is essential for your followers to feel like they have some access to you, and if they comment on your stuff or tag you or something, there’s a chance you’ll reply back.

Engagement is one of the top-ranking signals on most platforms. Whether a YouTube video, a tweet, or an Instagram photo gets displayed and featured depends on how much people have commented and reacted to said post – one of the best ways to encourage more interaction with individual posts is by making sure your followers think they have a chance you’ll reply to them.

Try To Create Content Involving Your Followers

This might be a bit tricky and requires some creativity on your part – you need to try to regularly create some sort of content that incorporates your followers in it – this can be a video speaking with one of your followers and learning what they think. This could be taking an Instagram photo the way some of your followers’ requests.This could be anything that makes your followers feel like they are part of the process.

This is not easy however if you go overboard, your fans will see it as pandering, if you try too hard to come up with the content, you might get burnt out, it is a balancing act of trying to engage your followers without taking too much time. If you’ve not done it before, it is unlikely you’ll get it right on your first try, but you just need to try stuff out till you can find a way to engage your followers successfully.

Use Tools To Help You Keep Track Of Everything

In today’s technological landscape, you can’t be a successful influencer and engage users without proper tools. Whether you’re trying to sell merchandise, show them your appreciation for donating to you, or reply to your mentions, you’ll benefit from tools allowing you to categorize the data and recommend essential stuff.

Simple tools that allow you to find out who mentions you online and the general sentiment have been around for more than a decade now, and recently more innovative tools are popping up that could revolutionize the whole market.

Take Fourth Wallfourthwall.com, for example. A popular new startup that allows you to create customized messages when people buy merchandise from your e-commerce platform, among many many other things. This will enable you to interact with your followers extremely easily and potentially double your income.

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