Siri Creator Working On Sci-Fi Interface That Predicts Your Thoughts

When Siri was first released, it was received with a bit of skepticism. People didn’t really comprehend the complexity that was at the core of the Siri engine. “Could you really ask ‘it’ anything and still get a response?” was the question on everyone’s mind. It took quite a while for people to understand the awesomeness of this new feature that Apple unleashed on the world. Now the Siri creator is on to another project. It’s one that could change how we interact with our devices forever.

So what’s so groundbreaking about this particular project? Well, imagine for a second that you have a device (mobile or a stationary device) that knows exactly what you are about to do before you do it. This could potentially increase productivity, and also serve as a completely new way of interacting with our devices. Now don’t go thinking that the Siri creator is developing something that can predict the future. No. What the software, dubbed Bright, does is use a ton of factors produced by the user’s eyes, gestures and head direction (among other things), in order to predict what you are about to do.

For example, as explained by the Siri creator, the device simply takes all of these factors and presents the information before your eyes before you even act on checking it out. Basically how this works is that if you, for example, get a notification on your screen, the device senses whether you look at it or not and for how long. If you look at it and do so long enough, the information is brought to the center of the screen where you would most likely want it. This way you can then act on it.

This user action prediction feature developed by SRI International could serve as one of the most optimized features ever. According to the Siri creator, when optimized and fully developed, this feature could make computer interaction predictable to a certain degree. We would get rid of some of the movements and interactions that we are quite used to, but find monotone and unnecessary. It’s hard to say when this feature will be brought to our devices. So far this feature is just a prototype which is still under development.

Siri Creator Develops Thought Predicting Computer Interface