30 Reasons Why Google Glass Should Be Allowed In Schools [Infographic]

Google Glass isn’t even available to everyone yet, and it’s already a topic full of controversy. Just last week I wrote an article about 10 Places That Have Either Banned Google Glass Or Will Ban It Soon. Schools are on that list since several elementary schools and universities have already banned Glass. There are all kinds of reasons why Glass shouldn’t be allowed in schools. Today I’d like to share a list of 30 reasons why it should.

Obviously nobody wants some pervy adult walking around in an elementary school recording the children. We have to somehow protect children from being exposed to that kind of exploitation. However, what about all the good things that Google Glass could bring to the classroom? There are a lot of them, and after looking at this list; you may start to change your mind about completely banning it from schools.

This infographic called How Google Glass Might Be Used In Education (by Open Colleges) lists 30 reasons why it might be a good idea after all to allow Glass in schools, especially colleges or universities. The benefits of having access to Glass during class go far beyond just recording the lectures and taking better notes.

Think about how powerful it would be for teachers to be able to recognize students with facial recognition. Just the augmented reality feature of Google Glass would enhance the classroom experience in many ways. You can take a look at the 30 reasons below to get an idea about that. Wearable technology is still in its infancy, but my guess is, in the future it will seamlessly integrate into the whole education process. Right now, it’s just a matter of how to regulate how it’s used. Once schools and universities can sort that detail, the floodgates will open.

30 Reasons Why Google Glass Should Be Allowed In Schools

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Via: [Mashable]