Dog Collar Messages Owner If Temperature In Car Is Dangerously Hot

We have all heard horrific stories about children and animals dying in overheated cars. Not only is it irresponsible behavior, but it’s a sad display of logic. When it comes to making sure this never happens, it’s best not to ever leave a kid or animal in your car by itself. Due to recent events, there is plenty of innovation going on to solve this problem. This dog collar is just one example of a gadget that could prevent these tragedies.

Even though it’s against all common sense to leave your kid or your animal in a car, there has been some innovation going on when it comes to making sure the unfortunate never happens. The help comes in a solution called Dog Collar (simple and straightforward). It is a dog collar that will automatically text you if the temperature in the car gets too hot.

The pre-programmed chip in the collar has an inbuilt SIM card that in combination with a temperature sensor will alert you once the temperature is above 80 degrees F or 26.7 degrees C. It’s a nifty little gadget that will sell for around $20 when it’s finally out of development. However, it won’t solve the problem with people who are dumb enough to leave their poor pets and even kids in the car during a hot summer day. Even though you know you’re just going to be away for a short while, it’s never okay to leave a kid or an animal in a car when it’s hot outside.

This project was dreamed up by Rethink (mostly known for their beer commercials) and has garnered quite a lot of attention. A promotional video was produced by Toronto Humane Society in order to raise awareness about the number of dogs that die in parked cars. It’s a gripping video, and one that I think a lot of people need to see in order to understand that leaving your dog in a parked car is a stupid idea. This dog collar could change the fate of a lot of dogs when it’s finally available.

Dog Collar – Cars Kill Dogs – Toronto Humane Society





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    Marsha England 7 years

    Right here in Delta, Co. Walmart, I witnessed a poor dog that had been left in the car…when it was almost 90 degrees in the parking lot! YES, the owner had left the windows “down”…but in case that is YOUR mode of operation, and thinking your dog will be OK..”just for a short while”…here is MY Personal experiment… @ a temperature of 67 degrees outside, with a slight breeze, and windows rolled down to abt 3 inches…the temperature INSIDE my car rose to 89 degrees in less then 15 minutes! And this is Colorado, humidity! IF you did this same experiment in a humid climate…the results would be worse, higher temps much more quickly. It is utterly IMPOSSIBLE to get your shopping and through the check & out in less then 15 minutes!! Don’t leave your dog in the car..or just for kicks..sometime..turn off the car in the parking lot, and just sit there and see how comfortable YOU would be in the same situation. As a dog lover, and a breeder, I am increasingly disturbed by the STUPIDITY of this electronically dominated society. Many people seem to think of their dogs as though they are like electronic devices w/o needs and to be turned on and off at the “owner’s” convenience…(grrrrr) THAT is why I am THRILLED to see this device being tested to put on the market soon. I already had a conviction to “invent” such a device…but lacked the contacts and resources to do so….