3D Holographic Pod Enables Life-Size 3D Phone Calls

When it comes to communication, humans have always tried to bend the rules in order to create new funnels. If we feel the ways we communicate today are becoming boring, we try to innovate a new way. Look at the ever evolving and morphing Internet. There were probably more ways to communicate on the Internet created over the past few years than what has been available for centuries. And soon, we can add 3D holographic phone calls to that ever expanding list.

First we had bulletin boards where we could communicate with each other, then came all kinds of forums. After that, we had instant messaging and then came social media. Now we have FaceTime and Skype. The natural step is of course 3D holographic phone calls, right? Well, it’s a thought that is intriguing and quite tickling. The thought of being able to walk around freely while seeing the person you’re talking to, even though they’re located hundreds of miles away, and being able to see him or her in full life-size 3D holographic view is incredible.

The system is currently being developed by Human Media Lab at the Canadian Queens University, and it could become a vital part of our everyday communication. Even though the video presentation showcases a few glitches, it is still severely impressive. The ability to see the person in life-size 3D holographic view is mind blowing to say the least.

The pod uses a whole lot of trickery in order to achieve this 3D holographic effect. The goal is of course to up the quality as well as fine tune the many different areas this concept could be used in. The system, dubbed the Telepod, uses 10 Kinects to achieve this 3D holographic view of a person. It’s not a fake 3D holographic view either. It’s actually one of the very few solutions that doesn’t incorporate virtually added “content” in order to fill out the complete 3D holographic image. Whenever this could be made available to us mortals (and not just Tony Stark) entirely depends on the breakthroughs they are able to make. Hopefully it will be soon since I can’t wait to try this out.

Human Media Lab’s 3D Holographic Telepod