Public Digital Bulletin Boards Could Soon Grace Our Society!

Ever since the iPhone made its triumphant introduction into the world, it is like we are all spellbound by its capabilities, functions and features. Everything that is developed or invented today is supposed to have a touchscreen and a large screen in order to suck us into the virtual world in an ever greater way. We have yet to see how products like Microsoft’s Surface and a bunch of stuff from Sony do. They are supposed to change the way we share content and browse the web both publicly and privately. However, there is more than this that we can expect from the innovators of the world.

Another concept that is being developed is the Public Digital Bulletin Board designed by Cheng Ya-Fang and Lin Nien-An. It’s a most stunning piece of technology that I think could have a huge impact in public areas like airports, train stations and other heavily populated places. Not only is it fast and easy to work with, it will also have a nice impact on the environment. It will be solar power driven, so electricity won’t harm the environment.

The bulletin board is created out of ePaper which will eliminate the use of paper. Furthermore, it can be connected to the Internet to get its information. The users simply send their note to the server, and it gets its slot whenever it is available. Formats that you will be able to use are everything from A5-A2. Not only will you be able to see posted notes, you will also be able to go into depth with each note by clicking on the bulletin. This is great on so many levels. Once again, people will flock to see what’s happening in their local area on a bulletin board.