3D Printed Edible Chocolate Version Of Your Own Face

3D printing is a beautiful technology. Not only can it be used to create things that will change people’s lives for the better, but it can also be used to make silly things that brighten our days. By now, I’m sure you read about the 3D Printed Pez Dispenser Featuring Your Own Head. Today I’d like to share with you a 3D printed chocolate candy featuring your own face. One of these days someone will probably 3D print their whole body for a lifelike life-size chocolate bar. I’m looking forward to that.

3D printing, especially for something like this, is a fairly simple process. The scanner takes a scan of you (which only takes a few seconds) and then the printer creates a 3D printed mold which looks just like you. Then all you have to do is fill the mold with chocolate, insert a stick (optional) and let it harden. Voila…You’ll be left with a chocolate mini-me which you can give to someone special or eat yourself. Haven’t you always wanted to eat your own head?

These particular chocolates, which were made at a workshop in Tokyo, are bite-sized. It’s interesting to note that the scanner, which did a full body scan on each person even though the mold was just of their faces, was as big as a small room. Yeah, just the scanner was that big. The faces were edited a bit before sent to the printer. They apparently looked remarkably lifelike.

In the example of the 3D printed Pez heads, which I mentioned above, an Xbox Kinect was used to scan each person’s head. That seems a bit more practical than using this huge scanner, but I suppose the result is the same. As far as I know, Tokyo’s FabCafe is selling these for $65 each. I’m waiting for the day when we can do an entire process like this at home. It’s coming sooner than you think!

3D Printed Personalized Chocolate Faces (Some In Lollipop Format)




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