3D Printed Gummy Version Of Your Whole Body Makes A High-Tech Snack

I read about 3D printing everyday, and it’s a topic I can’t get enough of. I’ve noticed that 3D printed creations usually fall into one of two categories. They are either the life changing things (like body parts or things that help progress science), or they are the super fun things (like jewelry and food). Lately, the 3D printed edible stuff has been extra creative and personalized. I’d say it would be safe to call 3D printed, personalized, edible creations a trend.

If you want to see what I’m talking about, you can check out the 3D printed Pez dispenser that looks like your head, the 3D printed chocolate ball that looks like your face, or today’s 3D printed gummy that looks like your body. Yup, no matter how you look at it, with the help of a scanner (or Kinect) and a 3D printer, you can now make yourself in all kinds of different ways (and then eat yourself).

These particular 3D printed gummy men were created in Japan with a whole body scanner. The idea is that you can create a full body of yourself in the form of a gummy bear, only instead of it being shaped like a bear, it’s shaped like you. You can choose which fruity flavor you want you to be created in too.

There is a workshop taking place in Japan tomorrow where participants will be able to experience this for themselves. You can click over to Fab Cafe (courtesy of Google Translate) to read about this more. 3D printing has come so far in the past year. Imagine what 3D printed things we’ll be writing about next year at this time. Nuts! The only question left is…If you were going to do this, what flavor gummy would you be?

3D Printed Gummy Version Of Your Whole Body

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Via: [Incredible Things]


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    3D Printer XYZ 7 years

    Wow that is crazy. I’m not sure anyone could eat something that big in one go. But sure would be fun getting my way through it. Slice by slice. Shows how amazing these 3D Printers are and can be don’t you think? :)