Interactive 3D Printed LED Pixel Hat Simulates Gravity

When it comes to technology, one of the things I’m looking forward to in the near future is my first 3D printing shopping experience. I’m not talking about my first experience buying something that is 3D printed since that has been available for a while. I’m talking about the first time I go to a website, see something I like, buy it and then a file transfers directly to my 3D printer where I watch whatever I just bought come to life. There will be no more waiting for the mail to come, tracking the status of a package or driving to the mall (unless we just want to).

We’ll be able to use this technology for more than just fun stuff too. We’ll use it to make our lives and our work more streamlined and efficient. One of our readers left a comment on our Facebook page the other day that said she is looking forward to when she can buy an extra 3D printed USB cord if she needs it. Or, if your power cord breaks right in the middle of a project like mine did last month, instead of having to run to the store to buy another one, you could just print one out at home real quick.

It’s the real quick part and the price that aren’t quite there yet, but as soon as this technology gets a little faster and a little cheaper, it will be something that changes our daily lives for the better in so many different ways. This little 3D printed design below is a perfect example of something that would be fun to buy and print at home.

This is an interactive 3D printed hat called the Gravity of Light which was designed by Younghui Kim. Inspired by gravity and flowing water, each time you tilt your head when wearing this hat, the pixels illuminate. It comes complete with embedded electronic circuitry in the hat itself. I don’t want to wait to get a 3D printer in order to print and build this, I want to wear this little slice of cuteness today.

“Gravity Of Light” – Interactive 3D Printed Pixel LED Hat


Via: [Fashioning Tech]