Anti-Gravity 3D Printer Turns Air Into A Printing Canvas

It should come as no surprise that we here at Bit Rebels are super excited about anything 3D printed, right? Every chance we get to share something groundbreaking within this area we jump on the opportunity. You might remember Diana wrote about the 3D printing pen, which you could pretty much use to draw anything in mid-air. If you thought that was cool, you will love the new anti-gravity 3D printing robot which can create anything within any space.

Designers Petr Novikov and Sasa Jokic from the Institute for Advanced Architecture of Catalonia (IAAC) and Joris Laarman Studio have come up with one of the coolest 3D printing robots ever created, dubbed the Mataerial. This anti-gravity 3D printing robot is a marvel to behold, with a technology that far exceeds any other 3D printer today. After being programmed, the robot will start creating your object in whatever space and axis you desire.

Their innovation is a patent-pending method which they call ‘anti-gravity object modeling,’ and it is going to change 3D production forever. The reason it is called anti-gravity is because the 3D printing robot has a groundbreaking feature which allows the material to dry instantly thanks to a turbo-charged heater positioned right beside the actual printing head of the robot.

By the looks of it, the video demo of this anti-gravity 3D printing robot in action is a little bit misleading since it seems the video is sped up in order to make the printing process a little bit shorter so it doesn’t take up your entire day to watch it. However, that doesn’t matter too much since 3D printers in general aren’t exactly fast at producing what you want them to print.

Some interesting features this anti-gravity 3D printing robot has incorporated are thickness adjustments for curves, a 3D curve robot conversion algorithm and colors that can also be introduced into your 3D model shape which is created in a CAD software. The colors (CMYK) can be applied during the printing process, producing a dynamic color change, which makes this anti-gravity 3D printing robot a one of a kind innovation. Imagine the possibilities!

Groundbreaking Anti-Gravity 3D Printing Robot Innovation




Via: [psfk]