4 Ways Artificial Intelligence Is Changing Modern Business

Artificial intelligence is on the rise and picking up speed. We are entering an age where computers and robots will take up a substantial part of our daily lives. However, apart from the day-to-day areas where artificial intelligence is gaining ground, business is also directly influenced by this technology. There is no hiding from it, for if you do, you might find yourself out of business. Here are four ways in which artificial intelligence is changing the business world landscape.

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The Automated And Intelligent Job Industry

Since the invention of the printing press that ushered in the industrial age, machines have been the major driving force behind a mass production. However, in the past, humans were still needed to operate the machinery. With the dawn of the AI age, machines will operate machines and do so intuitively. Major corporations have already adopted AI in certain fields of manual labor.

Companies like the British supermarket Ocado, are using robots to speed up the online shopping process. No longer are people in charge of packing baskets, but a whole warehouse is driven by automated robots that accurately pack and send out orders.

The main reasoning behind using robots in this way is because they don’t need to rest, they don’t need to take breaks, they make very few errors and most of all, and they are cheap. A robot doesn’t need to be paid an hourly fee; instead, it only goes for maintenance from time to time. The harsh reality is that these robots are taking over the jobs of many people.

Although it is true that the blue-collar labor force is under threat, it is also true that a whole new industry is in its infancy and where old jobs become obsolete, new ones are created to fill the void. It all depends on whether the current workforce is willing to change and adapt their skills to stay relevant.

Enterprise Mobility And Growth

As the world is getting more globalized, international business is also growing. With this growth also comes a real estate problem which is why enterprise mobility is one of the critical areas where AI is going to infiltrate. The central office is making way for a more mobile one based at home or in remote locations. With the development in AI, employers are looking to mobilize their workforce so that they can work from anywhere. Companies like WorkFusion are helping organizations to meet the growing data challenges by means of a unique combination of RPI, AI, and people.

The amount of working man-hours that were generally wasted in traffic is slowly but surely making way for more time efficient solutions which don’t require travel. Skill enhancement programs are also evolving and becoming more and more online. This means that you don’t have to be physically present to attend a course. What’s more, these programs aren’t dependent on teaching staff, which means that any enrichment course can be done at any time.

Machine Precision

The problem with handmade products is that man’s hands did the work, which means that there are bound to be many flaws. As artificial intelligence develops, the margin for error is decreasing and the speed at which products are manufactured also increasing. Although companies might have to spend some money to buy intelligent robots, they make up for their cost in the amount of waste that they save.

If one looks at a company like Lego, their machines produce millions of bricks each year. These machines are capable of creating these bricks with an accuracy of 0.002 mm. Out of every million bricks that are built, on average only 18 of those bricks are faulty.

AI machines have reduced human errors by a phenomenal margin. More than that, they do not take sick leave, nor do they ever need to stop working. From a production point of view, they outperform their human competitors in just about every area. As these machines become more powerful and reliable, more and more companies will switch over to AI machines in the hopes of reducing manufacturing costs.

Machines and manufacturing is not the only area where machines are superior though. Their computing abilities enable them to process large amounts of data blocks and would allow companies to plan and project for the future.

AI And Cybersecurity

With everything becoming more online, the cyber threats are also increasing. More viruses and hacking attempts are being made than ever before, and the trend does not seem to be going out of fashion. Unfortunately, humans can only prevent and secure a system so fast. There have been some serious breaches in online security over the past year.

With AI online security, threats can be detected at unprecedented speeds; this is all due to the processing power of computers that is developing exponentially it seems. Cybersecurity programs are becoming better equipped to test for threats and also provide solutions. They can scan a system or network for any loopholes and generate a fix.

AI software is being developed that can learn the patterns of a network or devices and detect any deviations in the programming. As soon as something looks suspect, it acts intuitively and deals with the foreign element.

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