4 Ways To Generate More Backlinks For Your Website

If you want to improve your website’s search rankings, drive more traffic to your web pages, and grow your brand’s online footprint, you need backlinks. There are no two ways around it. Yet, as is the case with most elements of digital marketing and SEO, backlinks don’t come easy. Only the most proactive brands will be successful in this regard.

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4 Backlink-Boosting Tips

Backlinks are, in the most basic sense, hyperlinks that allow internet users to effortlessly navigate from one website or web page to another. They can come from anywhere, including social networking platforms, but are usually sourced from blog posts and news articles.

In the world of SEO, it’s important to have both a high number of backlinks and a high percentage of backlinks coming from authoritative websites and domains. In other words, both quantity and quality matter.

A quality backlink is a link that comes from a high domain authority website that is well-trusted by search engines and searchers alike,” digital marketing expert Neil Patel writes. “In other words, not only do the robots trust the website, but actual people also trust the website.

But link building isn’t easy, and it’s not always realistic to shoot for the stars. Sometimes you have to focus on the low hanging fruit first and amass a high quantity of diverse links before drilling down and focusing on premier websites.

Not sure where to start? Here are a few helpful suggestions:

1. Determine Where You’ve Already Been Successful

Don’t get so caught up in the need to do something different that you forget about what’s already working. Use a backlink checker tool to study your current backlink profile and determine where your current backlinks are coming from and which pages they’re pointing.

Based on the information you uncover, you’ll figure out which domains and publishing platforms like you, as well as which content is considered the most valuable by individuals outside of your business. Targeting these publishers and pushing the same content to other publishers will help you garner more backlinks.

2. Pursue Guest Blogging

There’s arguably no better way to generate high authority backlinks and brand exposure than by guest blogging for other domains. The secret to success here is to form the right relationships and to work with websites that have a direct overlap with your audience. This will allow you to benefit from better search rankings and an increase in direct referral traffic.

3. Try Broken Link Building

Broken link building is a method that rose to prominence a few years ago and was immediately latched onto by thousands of marketers. And since it became so “overused,” many have since soured on the idea. But guess what? Because of this souring, it’s now become a viable option again for those who are willing to dedicate the time it requires to implement.

The technique involves contacting a webmaster to report broken links on his/her website,” online marketer Felix Tarcomnicu explains. “At the same time, you recommend other websites to replace that link. And here, of course, you mention your own website. Because you are doing the webmaster a favor by reporting the broken links, the chances of a backlink back to your website are high.

If you’re looking for some in-depth instruction on how to properly execute a broken link building strategy, this is a helpful guide. You’ll also find plenty of information that’s just a Google search away.

4. Develop Sticky, Shareworthy Content

You can’t get so caught up in building backlinks that you forget to provide the fuel required to keep the engine running. We’re talking about content, of course.

The key to any successful link building strategy is to have sticky, shareworthy content on your site. (After all, nobody will link to your website unless you give them a reason to do so.) While long-form blog posts still work, you may also think about using visual elements like video or infographics. These are both highly shareable content options.

Make Backlinks A Priority

Backlinks are just one ingredient in a successful digital marketing or SEO strategy. But they sure are important! If you’re going to focus on improving just one element of your strategy over the next few months, this would certainly be a wise place to channel your energy. And by implementing the suggestions laid out in this article, you should be able to pluck some low hanging fruit and generate meaningful results without overpaying or overextending yourself.

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