40,000 Watt Car Stereo Will Make Your Hair Stand On End

In a professional recording studio, it’s not uncommon that you will find a 2,000 watt speaker system. When you listen to it, you will hear that it’s quite a clean sound. However, when it comes to car stereos, this trade gets a little bit trickier. The thing is that in a studio you will find bass traps and a lot of different wall angles all over the room. This is created to make the sound as clear as possible. We usually say that a studio should have no 90 degree angles anywhere because the sound will start bouncing back and forth and create odd frequencies when mixing or mastering. In a car, this is of course a little bit different.

A car usually has no 90 degrees angles, but the inside of a car is such a confined space that getting any amount of good sound from it is a trade that many people try to master. Some people shoot for a cleaner sound, while others literally want the car to bounce once the bass starts thumping. They usually have some kind of contest for this at those auto conventions, and even though I haven’t gone to any of them myself, I have seen some rather awesome creations.

The one that blew me away the most (no pun intended), was this 40,000 watt bass car demo which was recently filmed at an auto show. The girl in the car experiences something rather interesting once the bass kicks in. You will see what I mean when you check out the clip. You start to wonder what that bass does to your internal organs, and if taking the hands off your ears will actually break stuff in your ears. After all, there are pretty powerful sound waves in that thing. Would you play it while driving?

40000 Watt Car Stereo Demo

Via: [YouTube]