5 Car Accessories That Make Your Ride So Much Better

Planning for a road trip or driving in the city is equal and might be the opposite of each other. A good driving skill always comes from a good body posture and a relaxed mind. The city is always full of rush while cruising on the highway is always easy but the driver is stapled at the same position for long go.

It’s good to keep the car environment neat and clean. The interiors of the car must be clean and tidy; some gadgets must be there for the driver as well as the companion fellows. It’s unfortunate that people do not want to enhance their ride but demand for the smoother and safer ride.

The market is full of great innovative ideas for a traveler and with basic upgraded accessories. These accessories not only cheap they are more useful that you have ever thought of. Now you can easily turn your old vehicle into an upgraded one. Let’s make your ride more enjoyable with AUTODOC.CO.UK

Discussing on the accessories one should have definitely in your car. On the priority list are…

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1. Dash Camera

The dash camera is all round plus most upgraded feature for car safety. The dash camera provides a wide-angle lens for both front and rear view with a pixel of 720p. It also comes with a feature of recording. The touch screen can be attached to the dashboard or the rearview mirror. The screen that fits in the dashboard is around 4.0~4.3 inch. It’s easy to install. Some updated features of this camera are alert on high speed, Vehicle distance alert, gravity sensor, fatigues sensor and lot more.

The auto record technology makes this gadget number one on our priority list, it can record the accident events that can help you when you claim insurance as well a well proof for law enforcement.

2. HUD

HUD comes second on our priority list. Now, what is HUD? What’s its use what it cost and lots more. HUD is the heads-up display for the car. The heads up display projects the GPS on the screen in front of the driver. This is good for a driver driving with the help of GPS without looking on his phone or on the dashboard again and again. It helps the driver to keep full concentration on the road.

This device can be easily connected with the iOS or Android. It some prominent features that give more boosts to this device are: reading texts, receiving calls, controlling music and lot more. This device has reduced the no. of an accident.

3. Back Seat Organizer Strap

Keeping things in order in a car is really messed up, all things come out automatically when the driver pushes the brake. Things like a water bottle, mobile phones or tablets if kept on the seat rolls down on the floor, to keep these things in order the best device is the back seat organizer bag or strap. It easily fits on the back of the front two seats. It comes with the different pocket size and in leather material. It helps in accommodating all the accessories like mobile, tabs, water bottle and power bank. Easily fits at the back of a seat and protect the seat from a backside.

4. Car Air Purifier

As stated from its name car air purifier helps in removing the odor from the care and helps to maintain a clean hygienic environment for the people. The multiple layers of protection cleanse the air of gases, smoke, odor, and bacteria free.

5. Mini Puncture Kit

Mini puncture kit is loaded with the air pump and puncture repairing kit for instant repairing of puncture.

These 5 devices help in providing a better ride for the rider as well for the companion. Drive safe and tension free.

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