5 Major Mistakes People Make After A Hard Drive Crash

Hard drives are just like any other component of your PC that can pose a nuisance once in a while. It can be frustrating and even expensive if not handled on time. Usually, the key cause of failure to both your HDDs and SSDs is a mechanical failure. But, things like excessive heat, power surges, water spills, physical impact, and high magnetic fields around can also become problematic and make your drive dead without warning.

Due to that, you can lose your valuable business data and cherished personal files, and you may be left to worry about recovering them day in and out. You may try your hands on some popular “Do-it-yourself” recovery tricks; however, you do need to remind yourself that they aren’t as quick and easy as they sound. This is, in fact, the work of a professional data recovery professional who tackles hundreds of similar cases every month.

I understand that hard drive crashes are terrifying but getting into a chaotic state of mind doesn’t do you any good. So, you need to keep your calm and steer away from committing these mistakes post-crash.

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1. Running Out Of Patience

Everyone tends to get impatient when things are not working their way. But, it doesn’t have to be the case after a hard drive failure. You cannot rush into trying to fix things yourself, especially if you don’t have sufficient knowledge of the field. You need to keep your mind quiet to think of the effective ways to get your data back.

2. Continuing To Use The Drive

A crashed or dead drive must not be put to use come what may. It should be kept at a separate location so that no one has any access to it. You do want to risk it for overwriting it with other data or else your data retrieval process can become extremely troublesome.

3. Formatting The Drive

Computer systems generally prompt the users of failed hard drives to go ahead with the formatting option as a method to fix it. But, you need to be extremely careful before taking such an action. There may be a lot of confidential data stored on your Western Digital device, which you won’t be happy losing. So, if you want to get the data back, do not ever hit that ‘format’ button; and instead, let an experienced WD hard drive recovery specialist to handle the job.

4. Saving The Recovered Files Improperly

You may successfully recover your data with some software, but if you end up saving it back to the same failed drive or media card, you are in for some serious trouble. That is because there may be some unresolved issues in your drive and using it to save your recovered files can lead to more damage.

5. Resorting To Free Software Or Amateur Service Provider

We all are quite accustomed to the practice of using readily available software on the internet that is available free of cost. But, are they that accurate and reliable? And what about your friends and family that talk a lot of technology, do they have the proper knowledge? So, don’t risk your data by resorting to them. Contact a professional instead.

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