5 Reasons Why It’s A Good Idea To Teach Kids How To Code [Infographic]

Kids these days have access to much better technology than we did when we were young. I remember thinking my pocket-sized Space Invaders game was the coolest thing ever, but these days, kids that same age sport iPods and iPads like it’s nothing. Someday they’ll look back and tell their own kids, “All we had when we were young was a lame device called an iPad.” It’s just how the world works. These days, kids can even easily learn how to code.

With the technology available today, it’s easier than ever for kids to learn how to code, and learning such a skill will set them up for a lifetime of success. I remember last year when the MaKey MaKey invention kit took Kickstarter by storm. They only wanted to raise $25,000 – yet they raised well over half a million dollars. It’s a way to turn a banana or anything else (really, anything) into a working touchpad.

The MaKey MaKey is just one example of many different devices that have been released in the past year to help kids learn how to code. To me, one of the greatest things a child can learn when it comes to computers is not to be afraid to tinker. If a child learns at a young age to let go of the fear and tinker with technology, he or she will enjoy a lifetime of creation when it comes to technology and computing.

This infographic called 5 Reasons To Teach Kids To Code (by Kodable) does a great job of explaining why this is a useful skill for kids to learn when they start engaging with technology. Like this infographic says, it’s as easy as learning a language. And just like learning a language, it’s easiest when the child is young. Just think where technology would be in a decade from now if teachers taught kids how to code in school!

It’s A Good Idea To Teach Kids How To Code

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