World’s Smallest Space Invaders Arcade Game Machine

One of the first games I ever played in an arcade was Space Invaders. It was an amazing experience back then, and the more I played it, the more I wanted to continue. It was like a technological drug. Sure, the graphics weren’t the most brilliant compared to today’s graphics; however, back then the game was flowing like nothing else. I later switched out Space Invaders for the groundbreaking game (at the time) Dragon’s Lair. Of course it was all based on graphics back then. The story lines of games still weren’t very developed or advanced, and we settled for just about anything that had an intriguing user interface. As with all games, they soon fall into the shadows of our memories, and we pick up new favorites.

However, it is when they become retro that we are ready to pick them up again. It doesn’t matter what form or shape they come in, we need to play those games to relive whatever awesome memories we have. It’s a bit hard to get that arcade feeling not having that cabinet Space Invaders arcade game, but that’s something that YouTube user vcoleiro1 has been able to sort out with his all new and fresh take on the game.

It’s the world’s smallest Space Invaders game, and it comes as an arcade game pimped out with a stick and buttons, just like the original one. The build is made out of several components from GameBoy as well as other gadgets all bundled into one awesome micro arcade game cabinet. You will of course be able to switch out the game you want to play with cartridges, so there will be no shortage in games being played on it. I personally find this thing to be as awesome as the full sized arcade, and I can’t wait to try it out if I ever get the chance!

Micro Space Invaders Arcade Game