5 Tips For Better Online Security In A Hostile Business World

You don’t have to be a cybersecurity expert to recognize that there are serious and significant threats all around your business. Expesically your business online security. And while you might feel like you’re relatively safe, it’s only a matter of time before someone or something targets you. Are you taking a proactive approach to prevent attacks?

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5 Tips You Can Implement To Increase Your Online Security

Cyber attacks are increasing, both in terms of ferocity and frequency. All you have to do is study the data and trends and you can see this much.

According to data from Arbor Networks, the number and size of cyber attacks increased by 73% in 2016. With the incidence of cyber attacks growing year over year, no organization, regardless of size or industry, is free from the risk of data breach,explains Sydney Boman of NewCloud Networks. “It is no longer a question of if your company will be attacked, but when. For this reason, it is important now, more than ever, to implement a proactive approach to cybersecurity.

Reactionary cybersecurity isn’t an option. If you sit back and wait, you might not be in business in 6-12 months. Instead, you should be doing the following:

1. Learn To Recognize Threats

The first key is to learn how to recognize threats. Everyone in your business needs to be cognizant of the risks your business faces so they can identify threats and proactively avoid or quell them before they become full-blown fires. This happens through formal training, as well as common sense. Hiring people who are already proficient with the technology you use will help your organization avoid unnecessary levels of risk.

2. Stay Updated

Updates are annoying. Nobody wants to take the time to update a piece of software when they’re in the middle of doing something. However, updates matter when it comes to being secure.

Operating systems with yesterday’s software and security safeguards are also an obvious way in,” entrepreneur Alison Cooper explains. “It’s a no-brainer to install the latest browsers, antivirus protection, spam blockers and spyware detection systems, and they can all be set to update automatically. Make sure the operating system’s firewall is enabled. Your WiFi network should be secure, encrypted and hidden. All of this provides major protection without many installations and maintenance effort.

3. Enhance Authentication Practices

With most business transactions now occurring digitally, it’s imperative that you enhance the authentication practices that accompany them. Thankfully there are solutions that make this possible.

As eSignLive’s Mary Ellen Power writes, “A reasonably well-designed e-contracting process, supported by solid technology, can reduce risk, relative to a traditional paper-based process and provide a company with better evidence to enforce its contracts.

4. Eliminate Low Hanging Fruit

Cyber criminals aren’t always super geniuses with complex hacking strategies. Most of the time, they’re looking for easy ways to access a company’s data. By eliminating low hanging fruit, you can mitigate much of the risk you face.

Examples of low hanging fruit include poor passwords, improper BYOD implementation, outdated software, and poor server management practices.

5. Limit Access Where Possible

Just because someone is a part of your organization, doesn’t mean they need access to every piece of data that your company has. There’s something to be said for limiting access on an “as needed” basis. If someone doesn’t need access to something, they should be locked out. This insulates your organization from unnecessary risk – both internally and externally.

Now’s The Time To Act

If you’re just now thinking about cybersecurity for your business, you’re already behind. But one thing is for certain: it’s better to develop a strategy today than it is to wait until tomorrow. Be proactive and give your business the proper protection.

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