5 Top Tech Companies Have More Money Than You Think [Infographic]

We write a lot about the top tech companies in the world and how much they’re worth. It’s mind boggling really when you start to think about the money those companies have. It suddenly starts to make sense how Google can pay their interns over $77,000 a year (you can read about that at Google vs. Facebook Internships). However, what about cash surplus? How much cash could the top five tech companies get their hands on? It’s a crazy amount, and it’s more than I thought.

This infographic called Tech Giants And Their Overflowing Cash Coffers (by WhoIsHostingThis) analyzes the five top tech companies and their surplus of cash. If you add up the available cash at Oracle, Cisco Systems, Google, Microsoft and Apple, you’ll come up with a total of somewhere around $333 billion dollars.

That enormous number is hard to put into perspective, but think of it like this… It’s enough money to give almost every person alive on the planet almost $50. I can’t even imagine how much tech was purchased to accumulate that much money. Even more so than that, I can’t help but think about all the good in the world that could be done with so many billions of dollars. That is enough money to change the world, literally.

I was never good at economics, but it also seems ironic to me that the United States is still recovering from a recession, yet in just these five top tech companies there is an overflowing abundance of cash. So the next time Google builds an extraordinarily extravagant office somewhere with world class chefs who make every employee three meals a day, you’ll know why they do it. It’s because they can. I hope you enjoy this infographic as much as I did!

5 Top Tech Companies & Their Overflowing Cash Coffers

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