Why You Should Consider SEO For Your Business

Over the past year, I’ve written several articles about SEO and the impact it can have on your site’s traffic. I didn’t write about it before then because I didn’t understand it. If you feel embarrassed about your SEO knowledge, I have a secret to tell you that will hopefully make you feel much better. I’ve written over 1,500 posts here on Bit Rebels. Since I didn’t learn SEO and start optimizing my images (among other things) until about a year ago, none of the images I used in the first 600 articles I wrote are searchable in the the search engines. Sucks, doesn’t it? However, as we always say, there is no sense in looking back. Every post on Bit Rebels is optimized now, and we take it very seriously. As a result, our traffic has increased significantly.

Have you been procrastinating learning SEO because it seems hard? Take it from me, someone who has been there and thought that, it’s worth your time to learn this skill. It doesn’t take that long to get the hang of it. You will notice an almost immediate increase in your traffic, and you will see the benefits right away. And, I know this is going to sound strange, but after you’ve done it for a while, SEO is really intuitive. It’s like a math equation. It just makes sense when you know how to look at it in a way that is easy to understand for you.

If you would like to read more about SEO from a beginner’s perspective, you may be interested in reading SEO For Dummies, How To Improve Your SEO With Twitter, Google’s SEO Algorithm and 5 Things Successful Bloggers Do Differently. This infographic below, created by Design by Soap, explains how implementing an SEO strategy could greatly improve your online presence. I like how they’ve taken out all the technical language that many SEO experts use, and instead they tell it like it is. This makes a lot of sense, and it makes SEO seem like a no brainer, which in my opinion, it is.

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It's Time To Learn SEO

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