5 Ultimate Benefits Of Programmatic Buying

Programmatic marketing, programmatic media buying, programmatic advertising… Just a few words, but so much influence. This state-of-the-art, exceptional technology is the future that is going to overcome all existing methods of digital promotion. Thus, it is essential to examine all the benefits of programmatic buying and its ways of affection in the modern online market. So, fasten your seatbelts and continue reading.

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Before Exploring The Benefits Of Programmatic Buying

The thing is that the bulk of online users still do not understand the principle of programmatic ad buying. They need to know programmatic advertising basics first before opting for the benefits of programmatic buying and services available on the market. And there is nothing weird here as the solutions such as DecenterAds DSP are relatively new.

Well, in human words, programmatic advertising is a media buying that can be realized in the form of real-time auction bidding and a fixed-value purchase. The technology is fully automated with robots and algorithms and doesn’t require the buyer to make any decisions regarding the deal. It is faster, cheaper, and much more useful than actual traditional advertising, which is manual.

Besides, programmatic buying guarantees the desired position without spending time and resources on versatile traffic bookings. The only thing you need is a reliable demand side platform that will help to achieve your business goals.

So, What Are The Major Benefits Of Programmatic Buying?

According to the US programmatic ad spending forecast 2019 presented by eMarketer, by 2021, almost 88% of all digital display in the US will be carried out with the help of programmatic advertising. And here is why.

1. Result-Driven Approach

Among all the benefits of programmatic buying, the result-driven approach is vital as programmatic advertising is all about effectiveness. You can monitor how a particular campaign is going and examine its progress to get the most of your investments. So that advertisers can improve the campaign, if necessary, and track its effectiveness for defining the most relevant campaign strategy.

Furthermore, programmatic buying is very flexible, which allows advertisers to modify the budget distribution with real-time campaign performance. The system detects the most valuable pricing per click or impression, depending on the distinct conditions. It makes programmatic advertising a significant way to save costs.

2. Great Audience Reach & Engagement

It is easy to reach the necessary audience with programmatic media buying as the advertiser can search for target users through demographic and behavioral data, intentions, and a specific location. Thus, once the advertisement is live, the adman can analyze it for the sake of CTR, impressions, localization, etc.

Beyond that, except for the actual benefits of programmatic buying, there is a trick that allows finding users who are similar in interests to ones that already exist. Thus, if your client prefers coffee, parrots, and white roses, the system will quickly find people alike, helping you to broaden the audience and reach it via multiple channels.

3. Total Control Over The Process

The process of programmatic media buying is transparent and allows advertisers to take full control over the campaign operation. Therefore, it is possible not only to define types of clients reacting to a specific ad but to get the best results by managing finances spent on the particular campaign.

When listing the benefits of programmatic buying, it is worth to mention that the workflow control available in programmatic advertising helps to act immediately, receiving the max of effectiveness for businesses.

4. Excellent Targeting Options

Programmatic advertising also broadens the opportunities of targeting the desired audience, which makes it perfect for conversion boost. The system is flexible and helps to reach an ideal base of leads. For example, DecenterAds DSP provides clientele with a selection of in-depth targeting options such as:

  • device OS and format;
  • web browser and frequency cap;
  • country and general geolocation (up to 1 km radius);
  • detailed time targeting, and more.

Moreover, here you also can target users via the IAB categories. It is pretty useful for having high-converting campaigns.

5. Real-Time Scaling & Tracking

The good news is that the benefits of programmatic buying mentioned above can be used in a real-time mode, and that is where one more advantage occurs. With real-time tracking, you can examine the overall effectiveness of the created campaign during its performance, with no need to wait until the end.

It makes your marketing efforts successful with minimal efforts. So, after learning these benefits of programmatic buying, it is the right time to assume that if your media buying is done programmatically, you will inevitably win the game.

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