5 Ways Cisco WebEx Teams Can Work For You

Cisco WebEx Teams is an intuitive and immersive collaboration tool that creates a place where teams can get together at any time, anywhere, and on any device. Tools such as this essentially serve as a virtual project or “war” room and are changing the way we work by shaping the future of how employees collaborate together on projects. In order to truly exemplify the benefits for organizations using easy to create and integrate APIs, here are 5 ways that Cisco WebEx Teams can work for you.

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1. YouTube Keyword Trigger

With Cisco WebEx Teams you can create event triggers for social media platforms, such as YouTube, so that if anyone posts a video with particular keywords then the link will be auto-posted into the virtual project room. For example, if the keyword trigger is set up for “Cisco WebEx Teams”, then we’ll always be notified of latest content and announcements from Cisco, their partners, and customers too.

The application of this unique functionality can be set up for whatever keyword trigger you choose, so you’re able to customize it to anything relevant to your organization, industry or even your personal life. This is particularly useful in reducing the need to sift through a bucket load of material when searching for specific content since any relevant content is automatically sent to your virtual space.

2. Sales Assistant

Not only is Cisco WebEx Teams an excellent tool for production teams, but it’s also effective in assisting sales teams too, since it allows pre-sales subject matter experts to sit behind the Chatbot and are alerted each time a chosen keyword is mentioned. From this, the allocation of work can be decided and once agreed the delegated person can respond to the bot to inform it who is responsible for each task. The Bot will then automatically create a shared space for the sales and pre-sales team member who will coordinate what’s needed.

The application of this functionality can be used in a number of different ways, so users are able to create a virtual knowledge base team that can help with any general inquiries or provide more information on a given topic.

By creating WebEx Teams spaces for each project, the relevant group of people designated to the project will be notified whenever a chosen keyword is inputted. As a very simple and powerful tool, it enables workforces to efficiently allocate work, swiftly respond to sales inquiries and avoid messy email chains between various different people.

3. OneDrive

Cisco WebEx Teams is an absolute breeze to become familiar with and offers a wealth of benefits to those that use it for project work. However, it’s not perceived to be a project management system or media library, but the integration of these kinds of programs is easy and will help to keep everything organized.

While OneDrive is just one example of the types of integrations that can be combined with Cisco WebEx Teams, there are plenty of other options should you prefer to use a different software. By adding integrations such as these, teams are able to work through tasks that have been assigned to a project and whenever documents are updated everyone in the space will be notified. This functionality is highly customizable too, so you can essentially see more of what you want to see and less of what you don’t.

4. Opportunity CRM

One of the major challenges faced by businesses that use a CRM is that unless someone is logged in an active most of the time, then you’ll lack visibility of what’s actually going on. However, by integrating the CRM into WebEx Teams, you can have different spaces for different purposes.

As an example, organizations could set up a space that notifies everyone whether a new business deal has closed, as this will provide real-time alerts every time a member of the sales team has won a deal and provides a clear picture of what’s in the pipeline.

5. Survey Monkey

Things don’t always run as smoothly as they should when it comes to managing projects, so when they don’t it’s only natural to want to air your frustrations in hope of a more pragmatic solution to common problems when collaborating. However, without the opportunity to leave feedback following the purchase of a product or service, it’s very unlikely that you’ll know truly how your customers feel.

Despite feeling like you may have the perfect offering for your customers, you’ll never know for sure until you ask them! As such, Survey Monkey can help to bridge the gap and enable your customers to detail their challenges that they’re looking for support with, whilst also helping you to understand more about the needs and desires of your target market.

As an additional benefit, Survey Monkey can easily be integrated into Cisco WebEx Teams and alert you each time a survey is completed by a customer to ensure that you can deal with the query swiftly.

Cisco WebEx – Summary

There are many ways that Cisco WebEx Teams can work for you and your organization, as there are plenty of integrations and extensions that are available to enable you to use Teams alongside other tools that you currently use. Ultimately, some things will work well for some, but not for others, so you should consider what works best for you and your business.

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