50 Things We No Longer Do Because Of Tech Advancements [Infographic]

As most of you know, we try to cover the edge of technology quite a lot. It’s not necessarily a hard task in itself since the world’s technological advancements are on an ever increasing incline. Of course we cover all things in between as well, and as we trail the path of the technologies of tomorrow, we also leave some technologies behind. That is the only sad part about new innovation. A fresh infographic from Mozy compiles 50 things we have left behind for the new.

You might remember some of those ‘retro gadgets young kids won’t know’ articles that kept going viral just a few months ago. Well, this is an extension of that. However, it goes more into 50 different things instead of just gadgets. It’s a compilation of everything we used to do that we have replaced with something more efficient and optimized.

Humanity seems to dream about a world where everything can be done from one single place. We thought that was from in front of our computers, but that has come to shift a bit. Now it seems we control everything from our mobile devices instead. This means we will always have whatever we need with us, no matter where we are. Good or bad, that’s the way of the future and companies all around the world are working furiously to make that happen. The Internet itself has allowed for a lot of things to be innovated, and that is not going to stop anytime soon.

The 50 things mentioned in this infographic are either already replaced or are in the process of being replaced. As you see, 50 things might not seem like much, but when you see what they are, you’ll know they have changed a whole world. Imagining a world without these things can be quite hard for a middle-aged person, yet quite easy for a young one. The technological advancements we keep making won’t make it easier for older people to keep up, but so far, older people have shown us exactly what social gaming is for example. So, don’t be surprised if these 50 things will only be a memory in 10 years, if even that. Technology can be everything from cool to optimizing, but the nostalgic memories will always be the same. They will forever become retro.

Mozy’s 50 Things We No Longer Do

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Header Image: [subaqua]