6 Top Digital Entertainment Trends For 2017

With the new year comes a chance to get ahead on the latest and upcoming entertainment trends for 2017. In this article, we take a look at just a few expected to see expansion into consumer homes in the upcoming year.

1. Live Streaming

From airing live gigs on your band’s Facebook page to ringing in the New Year with friends and family, live streaming entertainment will see an explosion, particularly over social media, as you can document it from your mobile phone. For your small business, it’ll come in handy for sharing and updating on different live events to keep audiences engaged, and get instant feedback in the comments.

2. Mobile Gaming For Money

Thanks to the ease of formatting gaming apps for mobile and tablet, 2017 will see the continuing rise in popularity of online casinos. Traditional favorites like Blackjack and poker will come from a wealth of providers with some getting involved in VR with virtual or televised playing tables. Roulette on LNC means you can place the bet and spin the wheel for a chance to real money, doing anything, anywhere in the world. No expensive trip to physical casinos must be a plus point.

3. Smarter Speakers

Consumers want compatibility and versatility, not always having to use different devices with different apps. This is where the likes of the Amazon Echo or Dot come in, which can be accessible throughout the house and use voice command to access music and radio from any signed in user account. As an AI assistant, it can even search out factual answers to questions you ask it.

4. 5G Phones

The newest generation of mobile network coverage is already in development. 2017 will see the demand for battery friendly and fast connectivity go up so that when this new superfast internet arrives, carriers will be making sure they are ready for it.

5. 360⁰ Selfies

360⁰ cameras such as the insta360 will take 8K quality images so you can capture that mountaintop panoramic view, or attach (carefully) to that drone a device that makes the most of your surroundings.

6. AR and VR

Immersion into other worlds is waiting to take off just as soon as the software expands and hardware sales pick up. Once companies pick up, high-end apparatus like the Oculus Rift will see more compatible systems come out and more applications available. Training, education and the glamification of the workplace will ensure VR headsets and AR will have a place this year in continued market growth.

Top Digital Entertainment Trends For 2017

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