6 Ways To Improve Organic Google Search Click Through Rate (CTR)

You can put all your time and effort into the content of your website, but that doesn’t mean you are going to get a lot of views on it. Keeping the quality of your content high is essential, but there are other things you can do to increase your CTR for free.  Here are some tips on how to improve your Organic SEO Traffic:

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1. Improve Headlines

Your headline is the first thing visitors will see when your website pops up in search engine results, so that’s the first thing you need to focus on. To even appear in search engine results, your headline needs to be relevant to what visitors are searching for.

It should appeal to keywords that describe what your content is about. The more relevant, the more clicks. The tone in on long-tail keywords. Don’t make your headline too long trying to fit in as many keywords as possible. The headline may be cut off if it is too long, and the essential words in your headline could be lost. Keep it short and snappy.

2. Keyword URLs

The keywords in your headline should also be present in your URL. This will show the search engine compiling search results and visitors that your content is highly relevant to the keyword typed into the search bar. You can customize the formatting of your URL in WordPress settings to give it a simpler and more efficient format.

3. Custom Descriptions

Don’t leave it to the search engine to decide the preview of words underneath your headline and URL on the search results page. It’s a bot, not a person who will decide so that the description will include your keywords, but it may be taken out of the context of your article and not make sense. Write your own summary of your content for the search results as you will be able to summarize much better than a bot.

4. Loading Speed

Your website should be quality in content and usability. If your website is hard to navigate or takes a long time to load, you are losing out on engagement and visitors even viewing your content. To prevent visitors from clicking off your website before it has even loaded, make sure you have a fast loading speed. Patience is a virtue not a necessity of internet users.

5. Photos Increase Engagement

Photos are appealing to users when promoting your content across all platforms. When promoting your content on social media, users are more likely to click if you include a photo on your website and in the promotion. Speak to visitors visually as well as through text. If users are scrolling through Instagram, they will be more likely to be attracted to a photo as they don’t have to stop scrolling and read text.

6. Organize Your Content

Keeping your content short and sweet will appeal to visitors. With longer articles, organize them in an engaging way. Splitting content into sections with subtitles or in the format of listicles makes it a lot less overwhelming to read. Visitors are more likely to click onto other content on your website. A listicle headline is more clickable.

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