7 Must-Have Smart Home Devices

The advancements in modern technology paved the way for the transformation of traditional homes into smart homes that heavily incorporate automation. Should you integrate the smarts in your home, not only will your property increase in value, but you will be able to maximize energy efficiency too. If you are keen on living in a smart home, below are some of the must-have devices that you should look into.

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1. Hubs And Controllers

Hubs and controllers are essential for you to be able to control the gadgets in your home connected via Bluetooth or Wi-Fi, through a display interface or even with just the sound of your voice. Some smart speakers have this capability. There are also wall control switches that leverage Wi-Fi to allow you to play music, switch on your lights, set the temperature of the room, or see who is at your door.

2. Surveillance Cameras

Smart homes cannot be without high-security features which include surveillance cameras with the capability to stream and record long videos in high definition. The best surveillance cameras even boast of an automatic zooming feature, motion tracking, color night vision, as well as an integrated spotlight and siren. While it is also good to consider an easy to install a camera, keep in mind that it is more important to acquire a camera with more safety features for your security and peace of mind.

3. Smart Locks

A smart home should also employ smart locks and home security systems which can be very helpful if you are often away. Most smart locks can be controlled by the voice assistants of your smartphones. You can have your smart lock and home security system professionally monitored and installed, or you can also do the installation yourself because there are easy-to-setup systems also available in the market.

4. State-Of-The-Art Doorbells

Nowadays, video doorbells are already common and smart homes almost always have one. These are usually easy to install because most of them are wireless. There are different types of wireless doorbells, with some triggered by motion detectors. These are also those which have a self-learning code or some that come with a built-in strobe light. Nevertheless, the important thing to note is that your doorbell is still part of your overall home security system so getting a state-or-the-art one is worth every penny.

5. Modern Temperature Controls

Thanks to technological innovations, thermostats can now be voice-activated, but the best ones are the ones that are easy to use because of a friendly app. With modern temperature controls, you will be able to connect the thermostat via Wi-Fi and control it from your smartphone, computer, or tablet. Aside from thermostats, there are air conditioning units now that use your phone’s location services to cool down the rooms in your home in preparation for your arrival.

6. Efficient Lighting

With the use of sensors, smart lighting solutions can be controlled with just a clap of your hands, or with the sound of your voice. But you are not limited to using sensors to switch the lights on and off. You can now control the intensity of light, as well as the color of the light, of the smart bulbs that you integrate into your home. There are also lamps that you can connect to Wi-Fi for you to create lighting schedules and scenes. The best part is, the lamp will alert you of how much power it is using.

7. Contemporary Kitchen Appliances

The kitchen is one of the rooms that can increase the value of your property so it pays to install contemporary appliances in it. For instance, you can look into cookers, microwave ovens, or even coffee makers that can be connected to a Wi-Fi so that you can control it no matter where you are in the house, or even when you are not at home. An app will just send out notifications with what is happening in the overall cooking process. On the other hand, if you love to grill, then you should get yourself the best grilling gadget that will ensure even cooking temperatures.

You can either have a major makeover to upgrade your home into a smart home or choose to integrate one smart home device at a time. Just remember that at the very least, you need to have the hubs and controllers to power your devices. Also consider surveillance cameras, smart locks, and state-of-the-art doorbells for your security. On the other hand, modern temperature controls, economic lighting solutions, as well as contemporary kitchen appliances will bring forth energy efficiency in your home.

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