7 Reasons The Volcano Digital Is The Best Desktop Vaporizer On The Market

The Volcano Digital Vaporizer is an impressive premium desktop vape and is known as a prestigious and high-quality product throughout the industry. Manufacturers Storz & Bickel are known for their fantastic innovative vaporizers, and the Volcano Digital is a brilliant feat of engineering. Why is it the best around? Read on…

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1. It Looks Dramatic

Desktop vaporizers are, naturally, considerably bigger than their portable counterparts, and the Volcano really lives up to its name. It’s aluminum and mixed metal outer is in the shape of – you guessed it – a volcano, and at 161mm tall, it feels imposing compared to portable models. This is a beast of a vape!

2. The Taste Is The Best Around

The convection heater means that the hot air within stays more uniform and gives a smooth, high-quality herbal taste that’s unbeatable by any smaller vaporizers. Your investment in herbs here will translate directly into a fantastic taste experience.

3. The Vapor Density Is Second-To-None

The Volcano Vaporizer has a huge surface area giving it an even heat throughout your herbs, keeping the heating efficient and the residing vapor within dense and flavorful. This gives a hit that’s powerful and impressive – don’t under-estimate the power within the Volcano!

4. Temperature Control Is Precise

The digital system within the Volcano allows for temperature change to within 1.5°C for easy and precise levels. The Volcano Digital Vaporizer allows for temperatures between 40°C all the way up to 230°C; a wide range compared to even comparably sized and priced products available on the market. The user really is entirely in control here and can manipulate their vaping experience to suit them best.

5. You Can Vape However You Like

Despite being designed initially for dry herb consumption, the latest Volcano Digital Vaporizer can vaporize waxes, concentrates and oils too, allowing for a tailored experience depending on the user’s requirements and appetite. Many desktop vaporizers remain just for dry herbs, but the Volcano Digital Vaporizer is a convection vaporizer that gives real versatility.

6. Maintenance Levels Are Low, Despite Its Size

It may look like a nightmare to keep going, but the Volcano Digital Vaporizer will surprise you with its easy maintenance. Depending on which design feature you’re using (the Volcano vaporizer adapts between an easy valve and solid valve set-up for the balloon) and how heavy your usage of it is, you can expect to need to replace the balloon no more than once a year, at a negligible cost of about $5-10 a time!

7. The Volcano Comes With Full Kit

This is an investment piece, sure, it’s not a cheap vaporizer but it’s a purchase worth making. Along with your Volcano Digital Vaporizer main piece, you’ll receive the mains power kit for it, a balloon and full instructions. Before first use, you should sterilize it by heating it to the maximum temperature for around 20 minutes, but then you’re free to get started and to enjoy your vaping.

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