7 New Tech Advancements In Water Appliances

The world is constantly changing and with it comes the advancements to the day-to-day things that we use. There are so many developments in water appliances and it’s really something great to behold, whether it’s making things easier or better, the best part is that it’s saving the environment with different water-saving techniques. Take a look below at some of these new advancements.

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1. The Single-Flush Toilet

This revolutionary toilet mechanism called the “single-flush” is estimated to save thousands of gallons of water per year; according to the people at Top Ten Water, the owner of a toilet like this would be doing their part for the environment while also bringing their utility bills down.

Even though it has a fully glazed trap way, a powerful flush, and remarkable design, it is still very affordable to many and isn’t considered pricey. This model comes in at a very keen price-point while still keeping water-conservation its highest giveaway.

2. Leaking Detector Systems

This awesome piece of technology can save you such a hassle and also save a lot of water in the process. It’s designed to track and find any leaks which are one the worst and most common reason behind a lot of the wasted water. But you’re in luck because thanks to new technological advancements, smart home devices like this detector make it easy.

Enabling leak detectors to monitor the moisture around pipes and other fittings, you can also connect it to your Smartphone. These devices trigger a notification at the first sign of condensation, drips, leaks, or flooding. They’re perfect for any room, bathroom, or kitchen in the house.

3. Low-Flow Appliances

Let’s be honest, any appliance with high-flow intensity isn’t really helping you much. You can live without it, but the environment can’t. It’s recommended that you switch out your showerheads and faucets with the new and improved low-flow models to instantly begin saving water.

Low-flow fixtures are inexpensive and can make a big impact on your water bill. It’s estimated that switching all of your faucets and showerheads to low-flow models can reduce your water usage by between 30 to 50%, and save you from 50 to 90 dollars per water bill.

4. Water Sensors And Smart Regulators

Some of your appliances can get an upgrade by installing one of these babies in them, if you want to watch your water consumption but can’t do it alone then these can help you immensely. They can be enabled with smart home technology utilize sensors to reduce wasted water and some can be equipped with offer touch-sensitive flow control to regulate how much water you’re using for cleaning, washing, or drinking.

5. Hand Scanners

Did you know that there are appliances now that don’t need any kind of valves? You just bring your hands in right under the faucet and the water would start, they come equipped with sensors to check if your hand has any soap left or not and would turn off by itself once your hand is considered to be clean. You can always move your hand away and back if you think you need more time washing your hands.

6. Timers For Your Shower

We can’t just live without having showers, it’s something that would never be given up. Luckily, there are devices that exist to help reduce our water usage while in the shower. The device works by reforming your shower habits based on your average water usage.

Place it by your shower drain and let it establish a baseline measurement of water used per shower. During every shower that you have, the small little device will attempt to slightly reduce your shower time by giving out light signals.

The green light means you’re okay, yellow means you’re halfway through your shower, and red means it’s time to finish up and turn off the water. So overall, it saves a lot of wasted water when you’re in the shower.

7. Appliances With The Energy Star Stamp

The appliance energy star appliances can save you hundreds of dollars on your utility bills. It’s estimated that energy star washers use about 13 gallons of water per load, but our older and traditional models use about 23 gallons per load.

So you can see that if the average family washes around 300 loads of laundry per year, the savings are significant if you use these newer models. Energy star dishwashers can also help save water and money, it’s estimated that these energy-efficient models can save almost 4000 gallons of water give or take over their lifetime.

Technology Is Helping Us Save Water

Believe it or not, one day we won’t have enough water to go around. It’s something very scary, but also something we must all do our part in to prolong that from happening anytime soon. With these cool technological advancements in our water appliances, we would save a lot of money, time, and most importantly water.

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