Customizable Smart Toilet Will Make You Never Want To Leave The Loo

It seems almost everything has gone ‘smart’ these days, and that even includes toilets. I’ve read about smart toilets before, but now there is one that is so smart, it’s hackable. This particular smart toilet is the Japanese Satis toilet. It comes with a ‘My Satis’ Android app, which allows you to basically customize your time in the bathroom. Forget reading magazines in there, your bathroom time is about to get high tech. Well, that is if you pay $4,000 for one of these fancy toilets.

The Satis smart toilet has been on the market for several months now, and it has some pretty incredible features you might not expect a toilet to have. Since most people spend time on their smartphones while in the loo, it makes sense that you might want to use your phone to control your toilet options. It is designed to monitor its own water and electricity use, so you won’t be hit with higher monthly bills because of your new toilet.

This toilet allows you to flush, open and close the lid, control the seat temperature, play music, deodorize, control the mood lighting and more, all from your Android phone. It will even allow you to analyze your own poop and alert you of any health concerns. There’s also a massage feature, but I don’t know exactly what it would massage…

There is one downside to getting one of these toilets, I mean, aside from the fact that it costs $4,000. And that is, it can be hacked. Since all the Satis Bluetooth toilets have the same Bluetooth pin, any toilet can be controlled by anyone who has the app within range. That would allow someone to download the app and do mean things to you while you are in the loo, like try to open and close the lid on you or flush it over and over to increase your water usage. I still think it would be fun to have one of these. I might never leave the bathroom!

Customize Your Bathroom Experience With A Smart Toilet

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    Jaym Esch 9 years

    It sounds like this opens up a new career in anti-toilet hacking. So, basically a Toilet Security Analyst. I’m tempted to pursue that career simply to share my job title. =P