7 Ways Technology Can Help Businesses Stay Open During Lockdown

In the uncertain times of COVID-19, businesses are relying on technology now more than ever before to stay afloat. Instead of dying out, this is your opportunity to rise up in the face of adversity and come out stronger. You can achieve this while working remotely as you endeavor to do business as usual. Instead of waiting to make up for lost business time, use it wisely now.

Perhaps you’re already taking advantage of this period to revamp your business’s branding. If you require inspiring online presence options, there are plenty of websites to make websites you can visit to guide you. It’s vital to understand how technology can help your business stay open during lockdown—and beyond. Here are seven solutions to consider.

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1. Virtual Meeting Rooms

One of the most important things you miss out on during lockdown is face to face staff interaction. Even while you’re not currently in office, this needn’t prevent you from communicating with colleagues. Many workforces are in need of immense encouragement as they work long and lonely hours from home, so staying connected via virtual meeting rooms is an excellent compromise.

Video conferencing platforms such as Google Hangouts, Zoom, and Skype can keep your team up to speed with the latest developments. Increased cybersecurity measures help protect employees that work remotely. Locks and passwords can ensure you host online meetings as safely as possible for everyone involved.

2. Customer Engagement

Staying connected with your customers is key. The public is now spending an incredible amount of time on the internet. Use this to your advantage via:

Email Marketing

Send your customers lockdown newsletters. When so much is globally unclear about the way forward, communicate honestly and openly with your client base to keep them in the loop. Let them know about your business’s news and how you intend to proceed once the lockdown is lifted.

Social Media

Studies show an average of 3.5 billion people use social media. Of these, Facebook is the most popular platform. Use your Facebook page to engage with your customers. Post videos of your staff addressing your customers with positive messages at this time. Virtual interaction and seeing the faces of your company will help your customers stay connected & remember you.


Now is a fantastic time to offer lockdown specials. Run some competitions to keep your clients interested and engaged. They’ll have a prize to look forward to either now during the lockdown or once it’s ended. Who doesn’t need something to look forward to?

3. Online Stores

Online stores are thriving in this season. By offering your products and services online—particularly if they’re essential—you’re making them more accessible to the public. They can order these from the comfort and safety of their own homes, which will be delivered straight to their doors.

4. Online Classes And Courses

If you’re in the education or training field and face to face classes aren’t currently possible, make online classes & courses available to your students. While it’s not the same as in-person teaching, numerous free resources can help make teaching online interactive and engaging.

5. Digital Gift Cards

Many customers are searching for birthday gifts during the lockdown. Attract their attention by selling digital gift cards. Based on a ‘buy it now and enjoy it later’ premise, your customers can take their pick from a range of packages or gifts to purchase as products, services, meals or experiences for a loved one to look forward to after lockdown.

6. Postponement Offers

To avoid losing out on clients, offer them the option of postponing bookings, trips, photography sessions, and the likes instead of canceling completely. By extending the validation date of these offers, you’re enticing your customers to keep their purchases and use them once lockdown’s ended.

7. Telephonic Or Video Consulting

When face to face consultations aren’t currently permitted, businesses are becoming creative with ways to approach COVID-19 restrictions. Brainstorm how you can continue offering your services of counseling, prenatal classes, insurance advice, telemedicine, and more via telephonic & online platforms. This helps maintain the consistency that can be resumed again once in person when possible.


When life eventually returns back to ‘normal,’ it will be a new kind of altered reality indeed. Knowing how to use technology to your business’s advantage can help you emerge from lockdown into the world again with resilience and determination to continue striving for growth & success.

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