Choose Wisely: Company Name Or Domain Name First? [Infographic]

Now that it’s critical for every business to have an online presence, we are faced with finding a domain name that may or may not be to our liking. But wait, if you already have a company name, you pretty much know what domain name to choose, right? That could be the general understanding of course, but things have become a little bit more complex than that. There are currently over 98 million .com domain names registered, and while looking at that number, you suddenly understand that the chance of your preferred domain name being taken already is quite good. Back in 2000, things were a whole lot easier, but now you have to be careful and choose wisely when you decide on your domain name or your company name.

Back in 2000, we might have come up with a catchy company name and then registered our domain name, but today we are faced with the opposite really. If you want to have the same name on your company as well as on your domain, you will most likely have to choose wisely and check out the availability of the domain name before you register your company name (and don’t expect that to be easy either). You can spend literally days just trying to find a domain name available that fits your company name, which of course you have to change over and over again in order to fit the domain name. Complex? Yes!

As you see, choosing wisely is a big headache, but one that might ensure you faster success in future. There is nothing more annoying than trying to find a company you have heard of that doesn’t have the same domain name as that of their company. Of course, you can always purchase a domain name from an already existing registrar, but that can be both time consuming and expensive. So by all means, take your time and choose wisely!

Have a look at this infographic from Melbourne IT, which is a rather colorless piece of statistical advice that will have you reconsider registering your company name before you choose your domain name. Even though it is quite colorless, I still like the message it tries to convey. If you choose wisely, you can make it easier for people to find you and your brand online, as well as make a home for yourself that will last as long as your company does. Customers and clients hate searching for what they already know exists, if you know what I mean. If you choose wisely your “following” will instantly get access to all your news, products and interaction without having to bust their butts just to find you.

When I say choose wisely, it doesn’t mean you should just concentrate on the .com domain names (even though that should always be your first choice). Have a look at some of the other popular ones also. A lot of companies choose .net as well, which is probably the second most used and searched domain extension. So, don’t just rush into picking a domain name with an obscure extension because it will most likely come back and bite you once it’s registered. Spend some time researching all your options. You will thank yourself for doing so in the long run. Choose wisely and you will succeed.

Choose Wisely – Your Success Depends On It


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