8 Android Phones That Revolutionized The Smartphone Industry

There are eight basic Android phones that truly revolutionized mobile devices all over the world. It started with Dream and became Marshmallow and now it has taken over the world. Mobile gaming has become ubiquitous in popular culture, which undoubtedly comes from its accessibility.

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Below we have listed 8 of the greatest Google handsets that have truly altered smartphone use everywhere.

1. The HTC Dream

This phone was the first commercial Android phone available anywhere. it was the forerunner to the Desire line, which quickly became one of the most well-known smartphone devices in existence. The dream had a unique slider that let you use the touchscreen in a different way and it laid the way for all other Android phones that came after it.

2. HTC Nexus One

The HTC Nexus One was the first serious nexus device, creating a stellar design that streamlined each feature to show that it could create market dominance while offering supreme usability.

3. Samsung Galaxy S2

The Samsung Galaxy S2 was a great little phone that rivalled many of the (then) new iOS systems. Back then, it was one of the first phones to include a dual-core processor, making it very powerful for its time.

4. Nexus 4

The Samsung Nexus 4 was another Android phone using the Jelly Bean platform, which was then new for Google’s systems. It also had a quad-core processor, something quite innovative for the time. This was a great phone for users who enjoy playing on social platforms and other popular gaming sites.

5. Galaxy Note 2

The first iteration of the Galaxy Note by Samsung was way too big, but it soon became quite popular and led the way for many tablets and phones and their hybrid versions.

6. Moto G

The Moto G by Motorola was another device to use Android, and it was one of the most successful smartphones around. Its current running price was lowered significantly, lending it the ability to compete with other phones on the market and giving options to those who wanted phones without SIM cards.

7. LG G3

While the LG G3 wasn’t the most well-known phone using Google’s Android platform, it did alter the way we saw screens in smartphones significantly. It had a rear-mounted volume control and power option, which were new at the time. It helped to get rid of bad audio by using a built-in amplification tool.

8. Nexus 6P

Last but not least, the Nexus 6P has seriously upped the ante for Android devices, packing more power and camera options than ever before. Using Android 6.0 Marshmallow, this phone can even give your computer a run for its money and of course, all the latest Apple devices as well.

Revolutionizing Android Phones

8 Industry-Changing Android Phones

8 Industry-Changing Android Phones

8 Industry-Changing Android Phones