8 Ways Application Of AI In Education Is Changing How We Learn

The information field in which modern people are immersed often disorientates a person, especially students – they are distracted and cannot concentrate on performing paper writing, studying books, or creating research. In this case, artificial intelligence can come to the rescue.

Experts introduce AI into training programs designed to simplify the interaction between the student and the teacher, minimize the personal factor, and identify students’ weaknesses and strengths to reveal their abilities. In this article, we have collected nine application methods for AI in education that have revolutionized learning standards.

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Automatic Assessment Of The Quality Of Knowledge

What is automatic grading? In principle, this is a full-fledged and promising replacement for a real teacher. Artificial intelligence evaluates a student’s essay in a matter of moments and gives a grade, giving individual adjustments. The program can draw up personalized learning plans that will help reduce student errors, provide help with essays or other assignments, find the strengths and weaknesses of the student that the teacher should pay attention to.

Artificial Intelligence Will Refresh Student’s Knowledge

We are all imperfect people, and we tend to forget what we have learned. There can be many reasons: memorizing for the sake of one answer, memory problems, or lack of interest in the subject. Experts have come up with educational apps that are based on the spacing effect.

Apps can keep track of what the user is learning and when it happens. Using artificial intelligence, the applications quite accurately calculate when the user is likely to forget what he learned. Then the smart assistant will remind you of this. A few reminders are enough, and knowledge will forever remain in your memory.

Feedback For Teachers

Assessment of teacher competence by students is feedback and has a long history. More recently, there has been a shift from paper to online. However, this did not bring much change. Assessment of the level of teachers is a most valuable source of information, the quality of which needs to be improved. Modern technologies, such as chatbots based on artificial intelligence, machine learning, and human language processing, can improve the quality of feedback.

The most well-known technology and the most effective one are chatbots, which can collect feedback about teachers through an interactive interface. A person is only required to write a review, and analytics remains with the bot. Programma can personalize the dialogue according to the character of the student. You can also set a filter for obscene language to avoid unpleasant consequences for both parties.

Virtual Assistants

Students liked the new teacher assistant at the Georgia Institute of Technology – Jill Watson, who quickly and accurately answered students’ questions. But they could not even imagine that it was not a teacher who was communicating with them, but artificial intelligence. The bot itself was equipped with an IBM-AI system. Such virtual assistants can be quite helpful in the field of education.

Campus Chat

For example, Deakin University in Australia is developing a campus chat. It uses the same system as the teacher assistant. After the project is 100% complete, it will begin to inform students about the life of the educational institution. In addition, he will learn how to find lecture halls, accept applications, find parking, and contact professors.

Personalized Learning

This type of training presents a variety of educational programs, where the educational process is optimized for the character of each student. When drawing up such plans, the student’s preferences and interests are taken into account. Artificial intelligence can adapt to the level of learning productivity and increase learning complexity over time. Thus, no one will be left on the sidelines and will continue to study comfortably, without going beyond their capabilities or not adjusting to the capabilities of others.

Tracking A Student’s Honesty

Distance learning is the most crucial trend in modern education, and it involves distance exams. But how to make sure that the student does not try to mislead the teacher? For this, people need protection systems based on artificial intelligence. Proctoring or Proctored Test is a mechanism that ensures the student’s honesty and does not allow him to cheat the examiner.

Data Collection And Selection Of Materials

Artificial intelligence has taught us to find the perfect cafes, videos, and music through geolocation and our previous searches. Now, this technology may appear in the field of education. For example, artificial intelligence will select the content of interest to the user based on his preferences.

Successful Areas of Applying AI In Education

Renowned companies have developed several successful projects to introduce artificial intelligence into education. Here are some of them.

Adaptive Learning

One of the most promising ideas is identifying why a particular student loses interest in acquiring specific knowledge and finding the optimal solution to increase his motivation. Adaptive technology involves tracking each student’s progress and changing the teacher’s tactics to form a unique training program. Thus, AI will tell you where to slow down, consolidate knowledge, change the order of displaying course blocks so that the student can fully study the subject. The teacher can objectively assess the degree of assimilation of the material passed by the student.

The essence of the method lies in the fact that all people are different, and the teacher, due to the workload, cannot always keep track of whether the student has mastered the passed material and is ready to perceive the next one. Today, platforms are being developed where artificial intelligence with the development of logical thinking and self-training will be widely in demand shortly.

In this segment, it is worth highlighting commercial projects in HR, language training, programming, and design: Stepik, Logiclike, Examer, CI, E-MBA, Skyeng, Websoft, Lingualeo, Netology, and Geekbrains.


Proctoring is a kind of tracking system for a student during passing tests and exams. The program monitors the behavior of subjects to identify non-standard reactions. If the system detects that the student is behaving atypically, it signals the teacher to pay close attention to him – for example, to strengthen surveillance through a webcam.

However, proctoring is not a system of punishing a student passing an exam. The student may be stressed and confused, so he will not be superfluous with the teacher’s emotional support. The most advanced product in this area today is the Proctoredu service.

Artificial Intelligence – Relation With Student Brain

Very shortly, educational artificial intelligence, when selecting tasks for a student, will take into account all the collected data: the presence of noise, weather conditions, illumination, tracker data, heart rate, and brain activity. In China, for example, for capturing a digital footprint, neuro interfaces are already used, among other things, to record brain rhythms.

Like a hairband, the device monitors the student’s focus, records his mental activity, and shows when he is stressed, overworked, or tired of monotonous work. Some schools use a neural interface to teach several thousand students, including elementary grades.

Other schools have cameras that regularly capture students’ faces. The neural network then processes these images, tracking the emotional component of the training. In some educational institutions, devices that measure heart rate and sweating levels are used.

With the growth in volumes and the expansion of data collected, new and exciting possibilities for analysis are opening up. What does a typical excellent student look like? How is one school different from another? A digital X-ray allows you to see what is happening in the learning process with a specific student, school, city, and region.

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