Automatic: Your Ultimate iPhone Car App Solution

More and more car manufacturers are looking to the mobile device industry to incorporate new and groundbreaking features into their cars. It’s almost like they want to make cars into mobile communication devices. There’s no doubt it’s a good call, and one that will benefit consumers when they have car problems or just need a helping hand to find their way home. But buying a new car just to get these features shouldn’t be a must. That’s why we’re starting to see apps like the Automatic iPhone car app emerge.

The Automatic iPhone car app is something out of the ordinary. We are used to seeing apps that in some way or another are standalone applications, but the Automatic iPhone car app is actually plugged into your car’s data port with a little Bluetooth device. The first thing we all wonder is how compatible this thing is, at least that was my first concern. Well, it so happens that the Automatic iPhone car app works on cars manufactured from 1996 and forward. That is a wide range, and it should recognize most models.

The app in itself is a multifaceted little bundle of happiness actually. The basic functions of instantly telling you what might have gone wrong with your car is of course a main feature. But the Automatic iPhone car app also helps you find your parked car, and it even calls 911 if you get in a car accident. It’s all automatic and instant.

This little thing will help you drive more fuel efficiently as well. That could potentially save you a whole lot of money. There are far too many people who drive their cars in a way that consumes more fuel than it has to. The Automatic iPhone car app will keep you in the loop of what you need to do and tell you about it. This way, you can learn how to drive safely and more fuel efficiently.

The iPhone car app is currently in its last leg of development, and you can pre-order it over at Automatic‘s official website for $69.95. The little dongle is easily connected to your car, and it will instantly start transmitting information to your iPhone. It’s great if you want to make sure you are not being screwed by your mechanic (like most of us have been) since you will know exactly what is wrong with your car before you turn it in to be fixed. The Automatic iPhone car app is a godsend app that will make you and your car work in symbioses with each other.

Automatic – iPhone Car App Assistant

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