9 Tips For Getting Your Article Published On Bit Rebels

As you’ve probably heard, we just announced a new feature on Bit Rebels. We will now be publishing your articles every day! We are very excited to share this with you and I can’t wait to see the content our readers submit. You can read more about this feature in this article: Bit Rebels Roll Out New Feature | Visitor Submitted Articles.

Since we plan to publish several visitor submitted articles each day, the odds of your articles getting published, if you follow the posting policy, are pretty good! Now is your chance to get your own material in front of the millions of readers that visit Bit Rebels. This is not a contest or a one-time opportunity. It is a permanent feature of our site! To submit an article for consideration, just go to the “submit an article” tab at the very top of Bit Rebels.

Here are nine tips to help you increase the odds that your article will be chosen to be published.

1. Your content fits into the Bit Rebels theme

If you would like to be published on Bit Rebels; the first thing to check is that your content fits comfortably into one of these Bit Rebels categories: Design, Events, Gaming, Geek, Lifestyle, Movies, Music, Social or Technology.

2. Your article is interesting and fun

We are all about fun at Bit Rebels. The key is to have a great time writing about a fun, geeky, edgy and interesting topic!

3. Your content is your original work

If your material is not your original work or if it has been published somewhere before (including your own website), it will not be published on Bit Rebels. Keep this in mind when choosing your topic.

4. Your images are sized correctly

Since we will only be able to do minor editing of your articles, we won’t be able to publish them if the header image or other images are not sized correctly. Please see the article submission page for the guidelines on this.

5. Your article is the appropriate length

The articles on Bit Rebels are designed to entertain you and give you a nice 3-5 minute break in your day. Sometimes they are longer, but for the most part, they are short and sweet with a powerful punch. (You don’t want to make it too short though; your article must be at least 300 words)

6. You have an effective headline

The headline or title of your article is critical. It must be effective in creating interest, it must accurately represent the article content, and it must be short enough to allow for retweets on Twitter. All of these things considered, please put some thought into crafting your headline. If you need some tips, you can read 8 Secrets To Writing Killer Post Titles

7. You use acceptable language

We do not want to smother your creativity in any way, and we get it that sometimes language needs to be expressive to be effective; however, certainly dropping F bombs is inappropriate. Please use your discretion here.

8. You check your grammar and spelling

Be sure to complete your details by doing a quick grammar/spelling check before you submit your article! Of course, articles laden with these mistakes will be discarded. If that happens, you are welcome to correct the mistakes and resubmit it one more time.

9. You use a strong header image

I’m going to let you in on a Bit Rebels secret… we love creative, strong visuals. You will definitely be a step above the rest if you have a beautiful header image accompanying your well written article.

We are very grateful for our readers, and we are excited to bring this feature to the site so we can put you in the spotlight! I hope these tips have been helpful, and I look forward to seeing your articles right here on Bit Rebels. Thank you for your continued support.