A Digitally Enhanced, High-Def, Interactive Pool Table!

Oh, now this is cool. If I had an extra $200,000 to blow, I would probably try to do something a little more noble with it than buy a tricked out pool table, but hey, I can still appreciate it from afar.

This is wild and crazy stuff. This Obscura Digital Cuelight Interactive Pool Table is featured at the Paradise Tower Penthouse, the Hard Rock Hotel and Casino in Las Vegas and the Esquire SoHo bachelor apartment.

According to the website, it “transforms any pool table into a digitally-enhanced video experience. High-definition imagery responds in real-time to every shot.” This turns playing an ordinary game of pool into an exquisite art presentation. The images, lights and animations follow the movements of the pool balls as you hit them around the table. Nice! This table brings the sexy back to playing pool. Thanks @terrinakamura!