Hotello Is Your Cheap Hotel Room In A Suitcase

I think everyone knows how frustrating it can be when you want to travel, but you can’t find an available hotel room that fits your taste and wallet. That’s usually when we start looking at other locations instead. Sometimes we even skip a travel destination even though we have been looking forward to visiting it for such a long time. It shouldn’t have to be that way, and maybe that is the reason the Hotello suitcase came into existence. This could be huge for travelers.

The concept is quite simple and far from unique, but the execution of it is ever so impressive regardless. So what is it? Well, imagine a cheap and austere hotel room with everything necessary (except a few things), but not much else. Then imagine it all being crammed into a suitcase-sized box with wheels. Well, there you go, that’s the Hotello suitcase in a nutshell.

When you travel with Hotello, you can pretty much “camp” wherever you want without having to feel like you have to reserve a hotel room 6 months in advance. Its size and shape makes it really easy to shove inside your car and just go. It is the ultimate travel and living solution defined. You even get a medium sized clothing cabinet once the Hotello “room” is setup. Now that’s what I call compact living.

You won’t have to spend a single dime on costly hotel room reservations ever again with Hotello. Sure, the room will not exactly give you unlimited privacy, but the drapes make for a hospital-like enclosure which should be sufficient enough to get some well needed rest. Oh, and you probably shouldn’t drink too much since the Hotello suitcase doesn’t come with a bathroom. There is a light attached to a rod positioned directly above the “room” itself. It’s enough to give you light when the darkness gets too uncomfortable. When and if this Hotello concept goes into production is hard to say, and that is probably a decision its creator, Das Konzept, has to make.

Hotello – A Hotel Room In A Suitcase





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