A Folding Luxury Shelter For The Traveling Geek

If you ever find yourself traveling the world to attend events or just to see the wonders that it has to offer, then you no doubt need somewhere to lay your head when that time comes around once a night to sleep. I am sure being a well traveled geek is a costly endeavor as well, so you’re probably looking for alternatives that will leave you with more money in your pocket yet the same amount of sleep for your well being.

I think I have found the right solution for you. How about a folding luxury shelter that will give you your own living quarters for every night you’re away from home? It is sure to boost your creativity. It will even provide you with enough privacy so you can dream up new schemes and plans on how to take over the world with your skills and awesome ideas.

It’s easy to just pack up and go. It’s also a life saver with the upcoming world ending event in 2012. Oh, and don’t forget the times when you unluckily lock yourself out of your own house. It will also come in handy on those nights when you simply don’t have the energy to walk home from that pub after the round that you reluctantly said yes to. Now you have no more excuses not to visit grandma either. Pack it up and get going! The world is waiting!