Folding Boat Is Your Canoe In A Suitcase

Hauling around a large canoe is something that most people would try to avoid during their vacation. It’s a good thing there are inventors in this world that see the bigger picture. ONAK is the result of such a vision. It’s a folding boat that when folded up is no larger than a suitcase. Just looking at this invention and you know it’s the perfect adventure camping gear. Why should we haul around a heavy boat when you can just drag it behind you like a suitcase. Brilliant thinking!

Some of you experts will most likely ask why this one is so special. Folding boats have been around for almost a hundred years now. Well, this one is using a rather complex origami pattern to make it as compact as possible. This without sacrificing the stability and comfort of the boat when used.

Also, this Belgian-designed canoe has room for three people plus gear. Usually, folding boats are kayaks that barely fit one person. This puts the ONAK in a class of its own. Sure, when folded up, it’s not as compact as most folding boats. The ONAK’s roller case measures 47 x 15.7 x 10-in (120 x 40 x 25-cm). Still perfectly manageable and compact enough to bring on a family trip on a river adventure. Perhaps also with one of these folding luxury shelters.

The light-weight hull of the ONAK is polypropylene honeycomb core composite developed with help from Econcore. This particular composite construction offers ten times the strength of standard polypropylene.

When in use, the folding boat measures 183 in (465 cm) long by 33.5 in (85 cm) wide. It can also carry 440 lb (200 kg). This is equivalent to about two adults, one kid, and some gear.

The ONAK is currently in Kickstarter mode and so far (about halfway through their campaign) they are doing great! With 18 days to go, they are halfway to their funding goal, which is $166,713.

Innovations like this are what drives the development of our outdoor activities. I would have no objections taking one of these out on a river adventure. If they say it can hold 440 lb, then I will just have to trust them. After all, the videos are quite convincing.

The expected retail price when the folding boat is fully developed is $1,325. Pretty cheap if you consider the innovation that has gone into developing it. The question is, how many of you would take on a river adventure in one of these? Let us know in the comment section below.

ONAK – The Folding Boat (Canoe)

ONAK Folding Boat Canoe

ONAK Folding Boat Canoe

ONAK Folding Boat Canoe

ONAK Folding Boat Canoe