A Folding Speaker for Your iPhone, iPod and iPad!

Have you ever wished that you had a portable speaker system for your iPod, iPhone or even your iPad, but found they are just too damn big to be carried around in your pocket? Apple hasn’t exactly been developing this side of their product line, and they are probably not going to either. They keep thinking that the speaker system built into the gadgets are more than enough for the average user.

Well, that’s exactly the point. The average user doesn’t want to blast their music so the neighbors call the cops. The average user doesn’t want to be able to feel the bass as it thumps away in your chest, altering your heartbeat rhythm to the point where you want to turn it up even more just to get it in sync again.

That’s why Chun-Chieh Yang, the designer behind this ground breaking speaker system, has come up with what could be explained as a first step in that direction. Maybe it won’t blast the windows out or anything, but the design and usefulness of this thing is beyond cool. You just put it in your pocket and go. When you want to play the music out loud (and have a bit more sound than from the internal speakers), you just pull out your speaker, unfold it and start playing.

The cool thing about it is that the more you fold it out, the better and louder the sound will be. This way, you will have two options to raise the volume, and always know that there is one more step to go on that scale to insanity.