A Luxurious Beanbag Chair For Your iPhone

Oh, I’ve seen it all now. I know people love their cellphones but geeeeez. Are you in love with your precious iPhone, Blackberry or Android phone? Do you want to keep him or her as comfortable as possible?

For a lot of us, our cellphone is like a good friend. It goes with us wherever we go; it connects us to the world, and it is always good for a giggle.

If you would like to show a little appreciation for your warm and fuzzy electronic friend, then you might want to consider a little cellphone sized beanbag chair for him to relax in during those brief moments when you aren’t using him. Statistics show that 9 out of 10 cellphones agree, this is the best cellphone beanbag chair on the market. You can purchase one for your own beloved cellphone by clicking here.

[via freshpilot]