The World’s Simplest Cell Phone Has The Perfect Design!

You see, having a disagreement with someone over a product or its design can be a creativity boost you’ve never thought of. When two people (or more) are on the edge of a topic where one side is all for massive features and cluttered user interfaces and the other side is all for the simplicity in a product with less features and a super clean user interface, you know it’s about to get very interesting. That’s what happened when Andrew Seunghyun Kim had a discussion with the HTC team about the perfect design.

Boy did he prove them wrong! With his über perfected skills in design, technology and logical thinking, he set out on a quest to create the perfect cell phone. As it seems, everyone agrees that he managed to do it. It’s a brand new, all intelligent and futuristic piece of hardware that will make the most seasoned gadget geek drool. The way it blends features with simplicity is one of the coolest design breakthroughs I have seen since… well the first generation iPhone.

It is sleek, beautiful and utterly fantastic if you ask me. It would be like holding a piece of the future in your hand, and as we know, we would all like that. The brainpower that went into this little thing sent from the heaven is mind boggling to think about. Everything from the material to the user interface has been carefully designed, and it tells of a great future… if it ever gets made that is. I wish the HTC team would look into this one and decide to go for it. It would probably win me over from the iPhone.