A New Hero Is Coming (in HD)

Its a bird, its a plane, its…. a dude with a little camera attached to his helmet!

Check out this new digital camera being released this fall. The Hero HD is designed for extreme sports, but the compact camera would be perfect to mount and record just about anything, anywhere.

The HD camera has nearly infinite depth-of-field along with a very wide lens. Also encased is a microphone so you can record high-def video with great audio. What makes this camera extra-cool is the variety of camera mounting hardware that’s available for it. Mount the Hero on your helmet, surfboard, kayaks, motorcycle or car. The setup would also be perfect for recording video without a cameraman for training or demo clips.

The demo clips shot with the Hero HD captures such awesome video that it gives super-human-like images of its subjects. I want one! Note: you need to view the video in true HD to get the true abilities of the camera.