A Retro Arcade Cabinet With An iPhone Dock!

Now this is something that I would put in my office. I would use it every day for sure, and it probably would be a huge work distraction. The geek factor of this thing is off the chart, and I am sure that it would steal everyone’s attention when they enter my office. I haven’t had the opportunity to get myself one of those retro arcade games just yet, but this one is stealing my heart and it would be the perfect interior design piece if you ask me.

It comes loaded with 60 classic arcade games ranging from sports, pac man and, of course, some space games. The incorporated iPod/iPhone dock doesn’t really make this arcade cabinet any less fantastic. The awesome look and the sweet features it houses are just so badass, and I expect them to sell a lot.

I mean, who wouldn’t want an iPod/iPhone dock the size of your refrigerator?! What is free space to anyone anyway? Haha The sheer awesomeness of this thing is making me look at the pennies and cents to see if I can save up enough in the future. However, I don’t expect it to come cheap. It’s a heck of gadget, and I can imagine that it has a rather high affection value as well as a high demand since it’s off the scale. So, maybe by 2020 I will be able to get one. However, then again, by then it will probably be worth even more. If you would be interested in one as well, then check out Pinel & Pinel who are the creators of this beauty.