Bring Home A Blast From The Past With A Customized Arcade Cabinet

If you believe that material pleasures can never entice you then you may have to eat your words after exploring the world of customized arcade cabinets. These sensational cabinets offer the joy of playing vintage games, the old-fashioned way, on an arcade cabinet. Inspired by the arcades that ruled the video games scene a few decades ago, these arcade cabinets bring the authentic gaming experience to your living room. These fascinating STOA Replay Arcade Cabinets come in a bunch of unique designs that can be customized as per your living space. These customized arcade cabinets are much more than a fun toy, they are a tribute to the golden days of vintage video games.

The impeccable features of the STOA Replay Arcade Cabinets make them worth every penny that you spend on them. The cabinets are handmade and the LCD is fitted with special filters to offer a vintage feel to the games. This is the closest you can get to visiting an arcade without building a time machine! The designs are simplistic but the colors are bold, giving these mean machines the 90’s vibe. Just one glance at the STOA website and you are bound to fall in love. If you are a kid from the previous millennium then these customized arcade cabinets will definitely strike a chord. Also, if you have kids that were born in this millennium, you can gift them this legacy from your childhood days!

[pullquote]The makers of the STOA Replay Arcade Cabinets pay a lot of attention to detail so that the players can enjoy a genuine arcade experience.[/pullquote] The joysticks and buttons are selected from the arcade-standard variety and there are speaker slots above the screen so that you can fully immerse in the game. Although it is impractical to go for a CRT screen, the LCD monitors are equipped with a scanline generator that adds a black line after every other line of the display, replicating the low resolution of the older generation of monitors. This is one instance where you will be pleased with the low quality of graphics. It is such an irony that on one hand you spend big bucks on graphics processors for your PC and on the other hand you splurge on the poor resolution of this arcade cabinet. But as they say, old is gold, and sometimes you need gold to purchase the old!

You can also make your arcade cabinet stand apart from the rest by going for a color and finish of your choice. The makers also offer a choice between single player and two player modes, both being ergonomic and offering enough space to the players. These customized arcade cabinets are indeed a fine example of craftsmanship and precision. Such finesse is bound to create a product that will appeal to the masses. So, there is no point in trying to resist this temptation, these cabinets are an investment that guarantees several hours of fun. It is time to go old school, so surrender yourself to the world of joysticks and pixelated graphics.

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STOA – Amazing Replay Customized Arcade Cabinet

STOA Replay Customized Arcade Cabinet White

STOA Replay Customized Arcade Cabinet Orange

STOA Replay Customized Arcade Cabinet Gray

STOA Replay Customized Arcade Cabinet White Small

STOA Replay Customized Arcade Cabinet Gray Small

STOA Replay Customized Arcade Cabinet Black Small